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Attracting Comments

Now that I actually have the commenting functionality in place on the site, it’s interesting to see which posts attract the most comments. So far, my brief comment on sweater vests has gotten more comments then anything. That makes me laugh. But I suppose that if someone makes a more serious observation, you want your comment to add to the conversation, whereas if I post something just kind of light and dumb, there’s no pressure to say something astute, poetic, serious, or prolific. Hopefully my site can provide a good combination of both astute and dumb posts.

Another thing I run into is when to make something an essay and when to make it a post. I have a couple thoughts brewing right now, but I think they may be essays, not posts, but I have no idea how I’m determining that. We’ll see. So keep posted for a couple new essays.

7 thoughts on “Attracting Comments”

  1. I have found that there is no guaranteed way to elicit comments. Anytime you think you have a pattern, you try it again and it’s no good. That said, people do tend not to comment on things that are deep. Perhaps they/we are speechless.

  2. Just to be clear, I’m not sure I’d ever want to see any of you guys in a sweater vest. Maybe Karl…if it were pink.

  3. I think people responded for two reasons… or I should say I responded for two reasons…

    1) Other people already had, some posts don’t seem to really want comments even though there is space for them, so once the ice was broken why not?

    2) You said you didn’t want any…

    2b) Because I was stalling the continual piles of papers sitting before me…

  4. ‘Fat Penguin’
    Something to break the ice. Sorry it took me so long to comment.

    (that’s what most comments are.) 🙂
    Unless their actual lucid responses to something you’ve written that means something to someone… but i could be wrong.

    Have a good one. 🙂

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