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Big Man Dance Competition

It occurred to me that I think the only commercials I’ve ever seen for the NFL Network are all advertising the “Big Man Dance Competition.” Is that the only thing they have on that channel? And then when they have the last screen of the commercial, under the NFL Network logo is the phrase “Imagine the Possibilities.” Has anyone ever been sitting there “imagining” if only there were a network where they had dance competitions using the Offensive and Defensive Linemen in the NFL?

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  1. You mock the NFL network now…(rightly so)…but doesn’t it seem like the commish is setting things up for the NFL network to televise all the games in the future forcing everyone to watch it all the time? I wonder if the league thinks it can make more money by not selling TV rights to the big networks and instead just grabbing all the ad dollars directly? So with “imagine the possibilities” you currently imagine 300 pound guys “dancing” but that might change in five years (or whenever some of the current TV contracts are up).

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