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Sweater Vests

Why is it that girls can wear sweater vests and be hot, and I just look like a high-school substitute math teacher? (this is rhetorical by the way, I don’t really need an answer)

8 thoughts on “Sweater Vests”

  1. I’m sure you walk by some women who are thinking, “Mmmm…he looks so intellectual in that sweater vest…like a high-school substitute math teacher…that’s so sexy….”

  2. Sweater vests. I had a sweater vest lever over from the craze of ’96 that I could not bring my self to render to goodwill until this past summer. I hadn’t worn it in about 4 years, but there was just something so comforting about its’ delicate cable knit, striped armcuffs and revealing V-neck line. Maybe a substitute math teacher picked you up. Where ever you are sweater vest I love you and I miss you. Whatever happens, whatever occurs, stay alive, I WILL find you!!!

  3. I don’t know why I typed “lever”. I meant “left” Maybe it was the word “vest” trying to creep in there somehow. I’ve got vests on the brain.

  4. I’ve recently noticed that the Big Guy at my company wears a white sweater vest with quite a degree of regularity, and now I can’t see it without thinking of this post.

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