Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Four)

Woops, I guess I’m a little late on this one. However, since the Bears had I bye week, I guess that’s my excuse. So now I don’t even remember what happened this past week. So quick thoughts.

Wow, Chargers looked tough. Denver needs to stop winning already to fulfill my prediction. Actually, I don’t really care. Could Chris Berman have been more irritating trying to incorporate spanish words into his “Mexico City Special” broadcast on the halftime show? Though I don’t really like Tim McGraw, I have to respect the fact that he writes new rhyming lyrics that fit his “I Like it, I Love it” on Monday morning every week. That’s pretty impressive (though I suppose if that was all I had to do for my job on Monday morning, I could probably come up with something decent, but I wouldn’t have the hat, boots, nor twang). And who pissed off the Manning brothers? Did someone have a hit out on their mom or something? I feel so bad for Detroit, because they actually didn’t play all that badly against a tough Tampa team, and they ALMOST pulled it out. But oh well. Thanks to them and the misery that is the Vikings and Packers, the Bears are actually in first now in the NFC North without playing. Same thing happened when the Lions had the bye. Maybe it’ll be a whoever-has-the-last-bye-week-wins division. The NFC North is NL West of football. I have a feeling the winner may be 7-9. It’s pretty sad, but oh well, that means the Bears may get annihilated in the first round of the playoffs, but at least we’ll be there.

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