Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Seven)

Well, a couple things you can rely on, a couple things you can’t predict, and week seven has come and gone.

First of all, my fantasy season continues to plummet (this was my first week where I didn’t even break 100), even though my gutsy move of picking up and starting Brandon Jones (rookie WR from the Titans) turned out to be a pretty good move. But then Palmer, Boldin, Chris Brown, and Stokley all stunk it up, basically dooming me. Something’s gotta give!!

Oh well, on to more important things. I heard a great remix of “Love Stinks” this morning, only with the words “Jets Stink.” The Texans too, though the Colts are probably the toughest team in the leauge. Washington scores 52?!! Is that some kind of sick joke? Also, I’m beginning to feel worse and worse for the Packers. Now Green’s out for the season? I’m almost feeling guilty for rooting against them the last five years. I also feel bad for everyone who had LT in fantasy this week, as they’d probably just gotten too used to getting 45 points a week off him.

Bears and Lions, despite their best efforts, are tied for first still. Have you ever seen two teams that are a bigger mess fighting for first place this weekend? I think we may as well watch the players have thumb wars on the sideline. Maybe we can call it “The Ineptidude Bowl.” Both teams have great defenses and ridiculously bad offenses (Scotty Vines? Marc Edwards?). I think it may come down to a 14-7 game, all defensive touchdowns.

(Sidenote: for those of you who I haven’t ranted about this to, the Lions have the dumbest fight song of all time. They don’t play it on the TV broadcasts, for good reason, and the first time I went to a game at Ford Field and they played it and tons of people stood and sang, it kind of freaked me out. It actually has the line in it: “With honor, you will keep your fame.” What the hell does that mean? In the words of my Brother-in-law “No wonder they never score.”)

Thomas Jones
I’m a man of hope, and this guy is about the only hope the Bears offense has.

I had mentioned last week that if the Bears beat the Ravens, that would prove something. Why then do I still feel so uneasy about this team? I keep thinking that other teams must be looking at our depth chart and kind of chuckling (“They’re #2 receiver has 13 catches? Hahahahahaha!!”). However, Thomas Jones really should be given an award for toughness. Two weeks ago I didn’t even think he was going to play, and he’s almost broke 100 yards every week so far. So hats off to him, but the rest of the offense blows. I don’t even know what I’d do if I saw a Bears quarterback throw for more than 250. They’re finally starting to involve the tight end a little bit more, which has been desperately needed (although the article title on the Bears website of “Clark emerges as secondary threat” seems a little over the top), but Thomas Jones’ 43 yard run on Sunday was our longest play from scrimmage this season. Wow. What a boring team to be a fan of. Why do I keep doing it? Because I’m a man of hope I guess.

From my tone, it’s hard to guess that my team is actually in first right now and is coming off back to back wins. The plague of being a Chicago fan.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Seven)”

  1. The Lions, Bears, and Patriots all have the exact same record right now and all are in first place in their respective divisions….and all would be dead last in the NFC east!

    However, I don’t worry about my pats at all right now. Check out the schedule…3 games left against currently above .500 teams (Indy, Kansas City, Tampa Bay) and a steady diet of mediocre AFC east opponents. I’m thinking the playoffs won’t be a problem.

    Also having a QB who can throw 250+ in every game is quite a nice experience…you should try it out sometime.

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