Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Six)

Well I woke up to find my lowly Bears that I had cursed last week in first place. Thank you NFC North!

I’m starting to wonder if it’s worse being a Bears fan or a Lions fan. The sad thing is, those are the top two teams in the NFC North. However, with the Lions, I’m beginning to wonder if Mariucci is maybe a problem here too. Harrington is running around like he just got ambushed by Charlie, and I’m not seeing anything change in regards to play calling to try to help him out. It doesn’t help that his receivers are dropping like flies, but it also doesn’t help that they call two running plays between the tackles setting up an obvious third down throw (not in shotgun or bootleg mind you) on like 12 occassions in the game. And they still should have won it. The thing is the defense is strong, but the offense is terrible (hmm, sounds familiar), and the play calling is very suspect. Lions should be 4-2 right now, beating Tampa and Carolina, but they just aren’t.

LT runs for a touchdown, catches a touchdown, and throws a touchdown. Sean Alexander ran in 4 touchdowns. If there is any fantasy league in this country where those two guys did not go 1 and 2, they should be shot. Speaking of fantasy, this week the guy I was playing had Cadillac Williams who didn’t play, Moss who got injured, and TJ Duckett who got .5 points. And he still beat me. You know why? Sean Alexander. And my team kind of sucked it up. That didn’t help either.

Is it just me or does it seem like Indy has got a total breeze of a schedule? And the poor Texans are playing like all over .500 teams for the rest of the year. So much for my pick of them being a surprise playoff contender huh? They showed up to Seattle absolutely expecting to lose, and they played like it. At least play with some heart. Sheesh.

Other thoughts:

How the hell is Denver this good? My football-dar was way off on that one.

I hate cheering for an injury, but Moss going down at least shut-up all the guys at the bar who go “Pass it to Moss!! Pass it to Moss!!”

Carson Palmer is a stud. (… good football player too)

Man I hate Baltimore. Bears better beat them this week.

Which brings me to the Bears game. Orton outshined Culpepper. Never saw that coming. However, Minnesota is a mess. There have been more “their ship has sunk” jokes this week then the Titanic itself got. If Mike Tice still has his job by the end of this week, I will be surprised. It’s a shame too because they were a potential super bowl contender this year, and now I think they’re suffering from chronic depression. It’s not even fun watching them lose anymore.

So we stomped them, and we should have. However, our offense is still terrible. Thomas Jones is really starting to prove himself, especially since he was a game time decision and nobody thought he was going to play. Orton has done a very good job of being smarter and not turning the ball over, but he still overthrows open receivers. But I suppose that’s just something that will come with time. And any Bears fans who call in to shows and say “We need a quarterback!”, just shutup okay. It’s too late. We have Orton, and that’s who I want to see taking snaps for the rest of the year. There is absolutely no point putting in Jeff Blake, who was washed up 4 years ago. Orton is the future of this team (at least he is for the rest of this season), and we didn’t want him to be in there so quickly, but you can thank Jerry Angelo for that (as I mentioned last week.

Like it or not, this is our guy.

However, everytime we win a game, I just sense that Jerry Angelo is thinking “There see, I did it!” This game proved nothing, although it did put us in first place, which is nice. Next week we play Baltimore with a tough D and an offense that may be even sadder than ours. That’s the proving game. If we can pull to .500 next week, then we may have something going. Until then!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Six)”

  1. The Lions offense plays like [insert adjective explitive] [insert noun explitive]!!! It doesn’t matter what play Mooch calls, the team knows he has no faith in Harrington, and therefore they have no faith in Harrington. Is it all Harrington’s fault? Of course not (although most of his passes seem aimed at the space 5 feet behind the feet of his intended receivers). Harrington needs to sit, but don’t expect it to help (Garcia?!?! Orlovsky?!?). In a year where 7-9 will win the division, the Lions will probably end 6-10. As a life-long Lions fan, realism sounds exactly like pessimism!
    My $.02

  2. Ouch, well I can’t blame ya. However, one bright spot is that it is actually nice to see that the NFC North will probably come down to the Lions or the Bears. First time we’ve said that in a while. But we’ll have to see what Green Bay does out of the bye (fresh off a 52-3 win).

  3. I’m so detached from sports because I think that it is far healthier for me that way. I twinge with a little regret when I read the Bears win but I’ll gladly take the twinge over the stomach churning frustration of seeing my team(s) give games away. Michigan State should have stock in ant-acids after their late game losses the last two weeks, and I told myself I was going to stop this sports crap altogether. I quit drinking soda now for over 3 weeks, that wasn’t that hard. Watching football is way worse. It’s probably as hard to stop watching football as it is to start flossing. Keyan likes watcing the MSU games, but I think she is able to invest less in the games than I can, even though I’m trying only to ante, I bet half my stack or go all in on stupid teams/hands.

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