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Cheaper by the Dozen


Well, the Baker family has 12 kids (a Baker’s dozen if you will), and Steve Martin is a Football coach(?). A relatively cute movie plagued by a lack of originality and a somewhat weak cast. I think the main thing I left thinking was “Wow, Hillary Duff really can’t act can she?” Her character and her character’s brother also are having trouble making friends at their new high school. If someone looking like Hillary Duff or the guy who plays her brother showed up at a new high school, I can’t imagine they would run into too many problems making new friends. I’ve also been told by my friend Tim that the DVD has the worst commentary tracks ever. However, if you like Steve Martin and need an okay family flick, it’s worth a watch.

Overall Rating: 2.5

1 thought on “Cheaper by the Dozen”

  1. Worst commentary ever…
    Also, please don’t get fooled by the title into thinking you’re seeing a modern day interpretation of the book…completely different plot. It’s a fun laugh, so I’ll give it a 3.

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