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Coffee and Girls

I don’t know what it is about women that serve me caffeinated beverages, but I think I have a crush on another one. Since this is like the 5th or 6th one, I think this is getting a little ridiculous. Is it because they’re making me something that’s awakening, the last legal drug if you will? Or is it because young cute girls tend to work at coffee shops? Or is it that cute girls who are generally friendly tend to work at coffee shops? Or am I just a sap? Mmmm, coffee. You’ll listen to me won’t you?

16 thoughts on “Coffee and Girls”

  1. Maybe it’s just that you make repeated trips to houses of caffeine. If you went to a bar a lot maybe you would like the bartender. Or maybe not. It depends on the bar.

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker, nor do I find myself at starbucks more than once a week at the most, but I did try a peppermint mocha the other day (since morgan was completely addicted to them when he was visiting us here in pittsburgh) and I have had to fight daily urges to go buy more of them. Damned addictive Starbucks…you won’t get me!

    And hijacking this post, since I can’t create a new one and I know a bunch of you guys are big Harry Potter fans….the new movie is BAD BAD BAD! That is all.

  3. From your English teacher father: people are “who”, not “that”. Girls “who” you meet in coffee shops, not “that” you meet in coffee shops. Just had to add my two cents. Keep lookin’; it will make your mother happy!

  4. ha ha, I love Pop’s comment! Score one for proper grammar! And, I second Tim’s assertion that the new Harry Potter is bad times three. Regarding girls and coffee: I have nothing. You have prompted excellent discussion with your romantic woes, but to the woes themselves I am utterly, coldly silent.

  5. Well thanks for hijacking the post Tim. However, I actually really liked the new Harry Potter. Did I miss something? What did you guys not like?

    (sarcasm) Yeah Rachel, I’ve heard your songs, you don’t know anything about romantic woes.(/sarcasm)

    Also, Suzanne, I wrote a song called Bookstore Girl about one of my previous coffee serving crushes. I guess it’s just ripe for song.

  6. Marcia and I had one of our first dates in a coffee shop, so I guess I can relate a bit. The difference, I suppose, is that I brought my own attractive lass to the coffee shop, instead of stumbling over the ones at the counter. My preference for women with similar spiritual goals, lead me to church-girls and they seem to like coffee shops.

  7. I liked the new Harry Potter movie, too, Morgan. (I didn’t want you to feel alone.)

    And what is it about unrequited love that makes for awesome art?

  8. N-Kay, I’m a Potter Fan, you might even call me a bit of a Potter-Head, and my wife is like a ravenous Potter beast, but really cute. That being said. The new Potter movie left much to be desired. If the book is to long to make into a short movie, make a long one, or just don’t make it at all.

  9. leave coffee out of romance- it causes enough jitters on its own.

    or don’t listen to a word i say. Likely the wisest move. 🙂

  10. The beast speaks…

    Um, if that joke doesn’t make sense, look at Karl’s comment above.

    I liked the Potter movie because I was GOING to like it no matter what. I had a great old time because I knew what was coming and the pictures were pretty. I thought, as many of you have mentioned, that the movie was poorly paced. Rushing through things and lingering on things oddly. Like this comment.

    All I have to say about the actual subject matter of this post is that I like coffee. Mmm.

  11. Now how did this post become about Harry Potter? Damn you Haig!!

    Well, you guys have now inspired me to put up my review for the new Harry Potter movie, so check the movie reviews section sometime tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to put it up there.

  12. ‘K, since this is a Harry Potter message board, I thought I’s add my two cents — I thought it was bad because, like Jessie the One who Liked it said, the pacing was odd… I was annoyed that is basically went from set piece to set piece and skipped much of the relational/psychological stuff brewing with the kids. It doesn’t help that Harry and Hermione were worse in this movie than in previous… oh, and hello, why, if Hermione and Ron harbor deep hidden feelings for each other, does it seem that Hermione can’t keep her hands off of Harry? Just curious…
    ps. I missed Pig. Pig got cut!

  13. Pig? Boy I really haven’t read that in a while have I, which could be why I enjoyed the movie.

  14. I love this message board thing. Apologies to Morgan, who is innocently trying to maintain a blog.

    I liked the movie, but after I got back to my place my friend and I pulled out the book and kept saying, “Oh, but how are they going to explain….” So, yeah, they left a lot out. MOSTLY I felt that that was well done. And the Harry/Hermione dynamic in the movies has annoyed me for a while, mostly because I’m not a fan of Emma Watson’s work. I don’t think she understands her character. (But this comes from someone who sees herself as Hermione, so I am totally prejudiced.)

    I see the movies as companions to the books. Maybe that’s part of why I haven’t been too concerned about how much the movies include. So, Morgan (we’re back to Morgan now)–read the books again. They are worth it.

    You know, now I want to get together with a bunch of people and read these books aloud, like that group at Calvin did with Beowulf…. Everybody should come to G.R. for that.

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