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Direct TV Commercial

This could have gone in my sports section because I’ve only seen this commercial during sports events, but there’s a DirectTV commercial out right now that I kind of find disturbing. There’s a male sitting on a couch watching a football game, and his son sits on the couch next to him and asks “Can you read me a story, Dad – oh, the game’s on” looking disheveled. The Dad then says “Oh that’s okay. I can freeze time.” He then shows him how he can pause live TV apparently using his mind (he’s really just pressing pause on the remote. I wasn’t fooled). Now the thing is, he doesn’t say “Oh that’s okay son, you’re more important than a football game,” or “why would I let sports interfere with my love for you?” or “get me another beer son.” Now I’m no parent but I’ve heard there’s a lot of sacrifice involved in parenting, and basically DirectTV is saying you will no longer have to sacrifice sports for your stupid kids. Now I’m exaggerating, but does anyone else find that commercial slightly disturbing?

I think the most disturbing part is when the camera zooms out of the house and all the way into space for the last image of a DirectTV satellite, with the caption “Somebody up there loves you.” That just completes the picture.

3 thoughts on “Direct TV Commercial”

  1. Skip ahead into the tuture

    “Thanks for asking lil Timmy. I’d love to read to you. Why don’t you download the voice simulation of my rendition of “Pat the Bunny” off the palm pilot your mom and I had imbeded in your head at birth. That’s right, just press your left nostril twice…good…now toggle down to the right story. Got it? Great! I love you son…Oh crap! I just wasted valuable lung power on that last affirmation. Well, that’s a free one son. Next time just load up the “parental words of affirmation” program. Yeah that right, the left ear lobe twice. Remember to tug hard. Whew parenting is tough!…Now, back to my game of intergalactic badminton (or whatever’s popular in the future) .”

  2. apparently in the future things will be so different we won’t even call it “the future” it’ll be “the tuture”…Dang typos!

  3. I despise that ad. The whole time I was reading that post, all I could think of was the horrible jingle about someone up there loving you . . . and, kablam, there it was at the end, like magic.

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