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Well, the NBA Season has started and I figured it’s about time I said something about it. I was going to post something about the dress code when they first announced it, but everyone else covered it a lot better then I would have, so I didn’t bother. Out of the four major sports, Basketball is probably my least favorite, but I still really enjoy it (and just for the record, March Madness is the best sporting event, hands down). Since the Cubs haven’t made any big offseason moves, and the Blackhawks still suck (ugh, some things never change), I’d like to post about something other than football, so I guess this is my only choice.

Now to explain my basketball position, I’m a 6’11 center. Doo-doo tish.

Actually I’m a Sacramento Kings fan. Why? I have no idea. Actually, I have a slight idea. Since I never was that into basketball, I used to always pick a team at the beginning of the playoffs and I would cheer vehemontly for them. Spurs in the strike season when they won it, Raptors one time, Heat – which was a mistake -, and one year the Kings. Somehow that last one just stuck, so I’ve been following them pretty closely ever since. Not really sure why, but there it is. I’ve also started becoming a Bulls fan, which has been a lot of fun too.

I don’t have much to say right now, since I don’t really get into basketball until late February, but one huge thing jumps out at me. The Heat picked up Gary Payton, Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker.

I will repeat that.
The Miami Heat (the team that came one game away from the finals, and they were playing with a hurt Shaq and Wade) picked up Gary “whiny-ass” Payton, Jason “Eminem” Williams, and Toine. What?!! I just learned this like two days ago, and I called my buddy Tim to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. No I wasn’t. What in God’s name is Miami thinking? Let’s go out and pick up two complete headcases and a guy who is a houdini with the ball, but couldn’t hit a pull up three to save his life. I can’t imagine that’s going to do anything for chemistry on a team, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from the last couple sports champions, it’s chemistry matters. Patriots, Spurs, Pistons, White Sox, Red Sox, all of those have striking similarities. That’s right: No Gary Patyon or Antoine Walker. Enough said.

(Speaking of Tim, the die-hard Celtics fan, one of my favorite voicemails I’ve ever received was Tim saying “(super gloomy voice) The two newest members of the Celtics: Rick Fox and Gary Payton. Excuse me while I go light myself on fire.”)

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  1. Luckily Rick Fox retired and never played a minute with the team, and Gary Payton was just point guard fodder for one season while our rookie/second year guards developed. So all in all it didn’t turn out to be as disaterous as lighting myself on fire, but it was still mildly painful…maybe like when you’re flicking your finger through a candle or lighter flame and you get cocky and go really slow…ouch.

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