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More Snow

Well, I take that back. It is coming down like crazy now. Which means that everyone in the Grand Rapids area just slammed on their brakes and cause about 25 accidents, making driving completely ridiculous. However, the magic of it falling is here. I love it. I hate the danger of driving, and I hate shoveling (see my Humble Life essay), but sitting inside and watching the snow fall is a wonderful experience that warm weather people just don’t understand. Is it worth the rest of the hassle? I don’t know, but I sure do love that first snow.

Time to pop in some Bing Crosby, it’s snow!!

9 thoughts on “More Snow”

  1. oh, I do love the softly falling flakes and when it builds a few inches so that the world is covered with glittering white blankets. When the twinkly snow echoes the stars…. I like running around without a coat in november too though. it’s a toss up.

  2. magic shmagic. I hate snow. It’s 25 with 45 mph winds here today, but it’s not snowing, so at least that’s good. I’m still hoping to eek out another round of golf here.

  3. The real magic of snow is when it does its disappearing act when the sun comes out. Or maybe that’s not magic, but more like God’s grace delivering us from evil.

  4. If I hadn’t had to drive for about 3 hours in the first snowfall of the year, it might have seemed more magical and less treacherous.

    I did find myself starting to sing “Let It Snow.” But my brother put a stop to THAT madness.

  5. Maybe dark and strange, but really, think about snow. It falls and covers stuff and we can’t stop it. We can try to shovel it away but then it just sits there in piles. We put salt on it to make it go away, but can only do that to some of it, and even then, it leaves ugly residue. But when the sun comes out, the snow can finally go away from us . . . until the next time it falls. I think Calvin should teach that analogy in religion classes, or at least do a series of Wednesday chapels about it, because it’s perfect for a reformed world view of our fallen world.

  6. Then again, it might confuse the naive freshman who would get confused by the mixed messages of snow representing sin and the old sayings they’ve heard about “wash me and I will be whiter than snow.”

    I think it’s time for bed for me.

  7. Yeah that might work as a great analogy. However, I heard someone say last year how depressing it would be if snow was black. So just think about that. It could be worse.

  8. If some of the snow was black, some was silver, and some was white, we’d know that someone up there was celbrating the world series.

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