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Well, sorry I haven’t posted much in the last week. I’ve been trying to get a couple new functionality things working, and I think I’m going to start another blog on this site (ie, there’s Random Thoughts, and Sports, and soon there’ll be one more).

However, I am now officially a grown-up. Nope, I’m not engaged. Nope, I’m not having a kid. Nope, I haven’t gone to prison. I’m renting a car today. I’m taking a trip this weekend to visit a couple friends in Pittsburgh, and I decided to rent a Ford Mustang to accompany me down. I am quite excited. I’ll have pictures and stuff later, and hopefully some more posts (I have another essay coming soon too).

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh”

  1. Tires turning on my not worn out Ford Mustang, . . . wait, that doesn’t rhyme with silent galaxy. uh oh. well, it’s just a rental I guess.

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