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Well, it is officially snowing here in Michigan. But it’s the first crappy snow of the year, so there’s no real flakes yet. As my good friend Jessie said recently, there’s just something magical about the first snow that I look forward to every year, but usually I like the first real snow with flakes, not just the spitting crap that’s going on right now. So it’s not really magical yet.

4 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. It’s coming down in a bit more acceptable fashion right now. Although I must say – I hate snow. I hate it when it accumulates and forcecs me to shovel the drive and endure a danger-filled commute to Muskegon. Yuck.

  2. I agree with Jonathan on his comments about the snow in general.
    I’ve also decided to blame Morgan for the snow and the quality thereof. It’s so rare I get to really blame anything on Morgan, I thought I’d take the opportunity.
    However – I just lit a fire in the fireplace and that’s kind of nice.
    I’m torn.

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