Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week 9)

So Peyton finally beats the Patriots, T.O. was finally suspended, and the Bears FINALLY beat Jim Haslett. I’m sure that last one was in the back of all your minds. And actually now that I read that last one, how pathetic is that?

Anyway, my beloved Bears remain in first place, and they would have to really blow it to not take the NFC North. However, I don’t think any playoff game is going to go well. But I’ll worry about that later.

So first and foremost, has everyone had enough of T.O.? Are we done? Can we as fans just all unite and say “We don’t want him back” and that would be it? Also, now that he won’t be playing for the Eagles for the rest of the season, I think we may have all just turned into Eagles fans. My only question is, how long before he signs with the Raiders? Come on, you know it’s gonna happen. Where do all the ass holes go? (Jerry Rice, if you’re reading this, I’m not implying you. You were the exception to the rule. Also, how on earth did you find this site, and are you really that bored in your retirement? If you are that bored, fly to Grand Rapids and let’s go bowling or something.)

Okay, grrr, shake off the bad T.O. vibe, and now on to the rest of it. I’ve won two games in a row in fantasy, although they have been against the two worst teams in the league, so I can’t really brag. This week is the proving week for me (and since Palmer and Houshmendzadeh are both on the bye, I’ve got a bad feeling). So go Kelly Holcomb!

The ending to the KC Oakland game was probably the most entertaining 2 minutes of football this season. And Vermeil and his permanent scowl going for the win was just classic. Now everybody who traded Larry Johnson midway through the season feels burned. The guy in my league who had him almost broke 200 points this past week, which is unbelievable (he had LT, Larry Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith, Warrick Dunn, … you get the picture). Poor Houston, I thought for sure they were going to pull out the upset. The Colts finally prove they can beat the Patriots (though let’s keep in mind that New England was using marionettes for their safeties because everyone else had been injured), and now the inevitable “Will they go undefeated?” talks will happen, as well as constant camera shots of any 72 Dolphins members that happen to be at the Colts games. Wow did Carolina look good or what? Good ol’ Stephen Davis getting me 48 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns every game. And is Tampa Bay going to continue crashing and burning? I think it’s a good question. They’ve been overachieving this whole season, and they’ve had two straight humiliating losses, one to the worst team in the league, and one to a division rival. I hope so, because they play us in a few weeks.

(side story: I was watching the game with my friend Joffrey, who defined me as a fanatical fan because I refer to the Bears as “we”. Is that the definition of a fanatical fan? I suppose it could be, I just never thought of it.)

Okay, so first let me talk about the Bears (first in my eventual Bears/Lions talk). It was nice to see that we still won a game that we played extremely poorly. Granted it was against like the second worst team in the league, but a win’s a win, right? RIGHT? We play San Fran this coming week and if we are not 6-3, I will be very upset. When Robbie Gould went to kick the game winner, even though it was a 28 yard attempt that he could probably have sneezed through the uprights, I was still super nervous just thanks to this whole Doug Brien/Edinger debacle. Even though we have won 4 straight (against all bad teams, mind you), I still want Angelo out. I can still just picture him sitting in his office going “See what a good job I’ve done!” (in a cocky, corrupt politician sort of way, with the british accent, naturally) But oh well, as long as we continue to win, I guess I can’t complain (although we would have won by a lot more than 3 if Orton would stop freaking overthrowing every deep pass). However, we’ll see how I’m feeling in two weeks when we play Carolina. Oh boy, my stomach hurts just thinking about that. I have a feeling reality is going to come crashing down really hard.

No “Joey” has ever made it big as a QB, and Harrington’s not about to break that.

Okay and now on to the Lions. I told my brother-in-law Dave that if they lose that game, something needs to happen. They need to clean house. They were playing the biggest head case team in the league, and they made them look like playoff contenders. It’s ridiculous. It literally looked to me like the Lions defense prepared not knowing that Culpepper was injured, and then when Brad Johnson stepped in there, they said “This isn’t the offense we prepared for. Oh my God, they handed it off. Get down!!!” Seriously. Of course they’re going to run the ball more without Daunte, and of course they’re not going to go deep as often, but it’s like they didn’t realize that at all. It was really pretty sad to watch. And Harrington is just a mess. He’s completely lost. I think he could maybe make it somewhere else, but this is just not the team nor the time for him. I say just throw Orlovsky in there if Garcia can’t go. It can’t get much worse. I love the headlines on the Lions wesite:

Lions, Pollard Frustrated After First Half of the Season

Lions Host Children’s Book Drive for “Super Reading” October 30th

Boss Bailey Named Lions’ Courage Award Recipient

Lions Host PAL Championship Games at Ford Field

They don’t even want to talk about football, and I can’t say I blame them. Something has got to change for the Lions and soon. I saw one fan suggest that Tagliabue move the Lions to New Orleans (since Benson doesn’t want his team there), and bless Detroit with an expansion team. However, hasn’t New Orleans been through enough?

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