Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Eight)

“We’re the Chicago Bears. Da da da daa da d-da da da d-da.” ( I don’t remember the lyrics)

Look out, all alone in first place is the team that ESPN ranked dead last in the power polls before the season started. And now we’re on our way to the Super Bowl! Okay, maybe I’m jumping ahead.

Well, week 8 is done, and I actually won a fantasy game! Who knew? Of course I was playing the guy who got married this past Saturday and hasn’t really checked his team in about 3 weeks, but that’s beside the point.

So Green Bay and Minnesota are pretty much done. Daunte’s out, and I think I could have a shot at the starting HB spot at Green Bay. Houston finally wins a freaking game, though my prediction of them being the surprise playoff team is pretty much toast. Is it bad that I really enjoyed watching Washington get their ass kicked? San Diego is a far better team than their record shows, and in fact, I think they may be the scariest team to face right now, and I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way. And when is Denver going to start collapsing dammit? 49 points on Philly? That’s insane.

Also, I like Teddy Bruschi and I am really glad to see him back, but it always irritates me when something like this happens and the refs feel the need to constantly mention that person. “And who’s in on the play? Teddy Brushi!” – when he like jumps on the pile that already brought the ball carrier down. It’s like this spring’s NBA playoffs when I got so sick hearing about Ray Allen I wanted to puke.

One quick story. I got a new car stereo a couple months ago, and now I’m not able to get in any of the Chicago sports stations I always listened to. Because of that, I started listening to local sports radio stations, where they talk about the Lions all the time. So I’ve kind of become a Lions fan now because of that. I always rooted for them before (except when they play the Bears), but I think I know even more about them now. So if you hear me commenting more and more about the Lions, that’s why.

It amazes me how one play can completely change a season. Garcia making that bad toss and Peanut Tillman running it back for a touchdown may have been the moment that the Lions season was crushed, and the Bears season was made. When you really look at that game, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two teams. Both have a very good defense (Lions being far better then most people thought), and both have offenses that showed some sparks, but still puttered out.

The Bears had 206 yards in the second quarter. I don’t even know if we’ve had that in an entire game this season. But they still puttered out (and now we lost Mark Bradley for the season, just as he was really starting to emerge), and our defense had to win it. So now the Chicago stations are saying “Bears are looking good” and Detroit stations are saying “Detroit is absolutely disintegrating.” I’m just wondering if Detroit somehow gets that big play in overtime, would it be completely the other way around? However, it’s all about momentum, and the even though they played as good of a game as the Bears did, their momentum is completely crushed. The Bears on the other hand have all kinds of confidence now and they play the Saints and the 49ers. We could easily be 6-3, however, since I am a true Bears fan, I am always full of doubt. Orton really is looking better and better, and when he starts not overthrowing the receivers that he spots open, watch out.

I am still just speechless when I think about the fact that Matt Millen got a five year contract extension. Honestly, what would he have had to do to not get the extension? Detroit has the worst four year record of any team in the history of the NFL, and guess who’s time at Detroit that corresponds with? It’s hard for me to even comprehend what the Fords were thinking with that extension. Here’s a quote from the Lions website:

Since Millen’s arrival in Detroit, he has re-structured the organization, both on and off the field, with moves that have had a positive impact on the team’s goal to claim a Super Bowl crown.

Wow. Denial is an ugly thing.

It is beyond time for this guy to go.

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