Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Twelve)

So why did I pick this year to officially start calling myself a Lions fan? I can’t stand McQuarters, and now I have to put up with him again, and now I got Jauron too? Well, more on that later.

Well, the Colts are really freakin good, I don’t think there’s anymore doubt about that. So now the undefeated talks abound. However, with how easily they’ve been able to win every game, I think they have a real chance of doing it. They’ve got some tough games coming up though. I mean Tennessee this week? Wow, that’s tough.

Minnesota wins again. However, every game they’ve won have been games that they shouldn’t have won. Not like “They’re not good enough to beat this team” but “they didn’t score an offensive touchdown and they beat the Giants?” So I’m just wondering how long that can last. However, this is probably really mean of me, but I kind of hope that they’re in the race for the wildcard, so that the Bears can potentially knock them out of the playoffs on the last game of the season. I know, that’s mean, but I just really like to watch the Vikings suffer.

Couple statement wins this week: Denver, Chicago (obviously, but I’ll talk more about that soon), San Diego. Couple “keep alive” wins too: KC, Tennessee (snicker, snicker). Fantasy-wise, I beat a really, really good team in my league (possibly the best team in my league) by 6. Whew. I was an idiot and didn’t start Alge Crumpler, who scored 30 points, and Matt Jones, who everyone predicted to be a great fantasy play this week gets 2.5. So I was up 27 going into last night’s game, and my friend who I was playing had Harrison, who gets a freakin 80 yard touchdown on Indy’s first play. Luckily, he didn’t do a ton more, and I just barely pulled the game out. So big statement win for me in fantasy too, as I’m sure you all care about.

So speaking of disappointment, how bout those Lions? They officially dumped Mooch, so problem solved, right? Just read this, which pretty much hits the problem right on the big fat ex-player head. Is it just me, or do all three top pick receivers also suck? Seriously, Roy Williams catches like one ball in the whole Thanksgiving game, and he does a little celebration, Charlie Rogers can’t hold on to the ball anymore, and with his off field antics, he’s just a waste of time, and Mike Williams is too busy talking about how good he is to actually prove it. It’s pretty sad. Enough said.

Now on to greener pastures. It may not be pretty, but those Bears just keep winning. Hard to argue with that. Alex Brown is a monster and should win defensive player of the week. 5 blocked passes?! That was just awesome. I think like 6 defensive guys could go to the pro bowl. Seriously I think Urlacher (should go easily), Vasher, A Brown, M Brown, Ogunleye, Tommie Harris (maybe) are all great Pro Bowl candidates.

Alex Brown
One more dominant performance by the Bears D-line

I hate doing this comparison, but I feel I must. Numbers-wise, they are as good as the 85 Bears, they really are. Now our offense isn’t as good as 85, and there’s one big thing that the 85 Bears did, and that was win the superbowl (or so I’ve heard). Jonathan says he’d love to see a Colts/Bears superbowl, so in other words a #1 Defense vs. #1 Offense. Last time that happened it ended in the defense’s favor (Ravens), so I wouldn’t mind seeing that either. To be honest, I was calling for a 500 season at the absolute best, and they’ve already done it, so making the playoffs is a huge thrill for me, let alone even thinking about the superbowl. ESPN power poll picked the Bears dead last (I’m going to keep bringing that up as long as the Bears keep winning). So how far can this team go? I have no idea, but oh boy am I loving the ride.

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  1. I would love for the Bears to beat Pittsburgh in 2 weeks, leading to the Steelers barely missing the playoffs. Listening to sports radio around here were be highly entertaining 🙂

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