Worst Sports Radio Show Ever

Okay, just a quick rant here. I’m sick and tired of Sports Radio personalities whose sole gimmick is that they make fun of people. For example, Jim Rome is an idiot. His hair looks stupid, and his nose is all….

I was trying to be ironic. Anyway, his only real selling point for his show is that he critiques all the callers and emailers (who were faithful enough to actually make the effort to call or email him) because he apparently cannot provide any better content then that. And then the other day, I heard him go on for at least 10 minutes saying that the show is just better when he doesn’t allow as many emails or calls. He wasted 10 minutes talking about how his content is better when he doesn’t waste time with emails and calls. Ugh. He is a complete waste of radio time. Just shutup and talk about sports, that’s why I tuned into this radio station in the first place.

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