The Rex Grossman Journal

Well, I’m sitting here watching the Bear’s game, and I’m about to see Rex Grossman take his first snap of the regular season. Hmmmmmm. I don’t know how I feel about this. We’ll see.

15 thoughts on “The Rex Grossman Journal”

  1. Well I tell you what, I’m actually kind of excited to watch this offense now with Grossman in there.

  2. Oh my. I might be seeing things, but the Bears might have an offense. Grossman leads them down for a field goal. 16-3.

  3. Well the Bears have this game pretty much wrapped up. Man that defense is incredible. Grossman’s basically just handing it off now. Well, first appearence of the season looks pretty good. If the Bears even have an average passing game, we are an immediate threat in the postseason. I really hope Grossman is the answer.

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