7 thoughts on “Juan Pierre is a Cub”

  1. ooooooh, very nice. In the end though the cubs will still sink or swim on the healthyness of the starting pitching.

  2. Oh shut it, TIm. I know that. Just let me smile for a moment before inevitable Cub reality comes crashing down.

  3. I dunno…a leadoff guy like Pierre can be a total nusance to opposing teams and might make it possible for you to win more close games by stealing a base or going from first to third on a single…stuff like that. That’s a bigger pickup than most baseball fans would realise, so by all means bask in it…I’m not at all trying to poop on your party 🙂

  4. The only reason they wanted him was because they were jealous of the hype Podsednik got as the “pesky leadoff man” last year in the better half of the city.

    You better hope Pierre bounces back from his .326 OBP from last year if he’s going to be the spark at the top. That’s creeping close to Corey Patterson territory (ok maybe that’s a stretch).

    Still, gotta hope that Prior calves don’t explode or that Balsa Wood doesn’t crack and that Sr. Psychopath Zambrano doesn’t get suspended for half the season. What are the odds of all three of them pitching a whole season?

  5. Andrew, if only 2 of those 3 pitchers make it through the whole season, the cubs could do quite well this season. All three would be a bonus.

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