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Topaz – A Memorial


Well my Topaz is officially dead. It was a good car, and we had a good run, but it was time. First received from my Grandmother after she died (may she rest in peace as well) without a blemish on her (the Topaz that is), but she left us with only one working automatic lock, a door that did not lock, a door that did not unlock, shot front brakes, bad tie rods, two brand new tires (wish I could get my money back for that), and missing part of her front bumper (thanks to my first car accident ever, also recently, shown below).


But she treated me well over the few years I had her, and I don’t regret any of our time together. But some good things must end, and she will be forever remembered for her co-starring role with me in the “Learn” trailer for the Gospel Communications Conference. (lighters up) We’re gonna miss you Topaz!


3 thoughts on “Topaz – A Memorial”

  1. Siff. sniff. We’ll miss you lil Topaz.

    May you rust in piece(s),



    P.S.When did you get in an accident?!

  2. I have to take a moment to celebrate the Topaz replacement – a real potential Pimp-mobile in Gold with a Blue-gray interior. Add a little faux-fur and some music from the Average White Band, and you’ve got something James Brown would envy.

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