Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Fifteen)

Well, here we are. As always, there’s the last couple wildcard spots that will be fought for, and lost or won at the last moment. Couple last minute wild card moments you might remember:

– The Vikings (w/ Moss) lose to the Cardinals on a last second play from Josh McCown, and miss the playoffs (that was hilarious, I loved it)

– The Saints make a circus play with no time left to tie the game (I don’t remember who they were playing), only to have Carney miss the ensuing extra point, thereby knocking them out of the playoffs

– Remember when the Lions almost made the playoffs? No? It was a while ago. They were 9-6, and trailing by 2 to the Bears. Hanson was lined up for the game winning field goal that would have put the Lions in the playoffs, but it’s blocked. Millen is hired the next year, fires everyone, and leads the Lions to the worst (soon to be) 5 year record of any team in history. Feels like it was decades ago doesn’t it?

There’s bound to be a couple more stories like this in a couple weeks, but I’ll let those happen then. It’s always exciting.

So the major events this week:

– Houston won!!! Oh wait. Nevermind, no one cared.

– Brady is certainly making his case for MVP. The one year that the rest of the team is falling apart, and he has put them on his shoulders and made them a legitimate playoff threat.

– San Diego allows the 72 Dolphins to crack open some champagne (I predicted it, by the way)

– Miami is still alive (I say this only to make Tim say “you’re nuts”), and I think Pittsburgh just made the playoffs (with only the Browns and Lions left, they’re in)

Grossman took over and basically made the Bears a legitimate playoff threat. More on that later.

– Washington made a little bit of a statement by wipping the Cowboys ass

– And I dropped out of the fantasy playoffs. Oh well. Good season. (Tim, it was Dominick Davis in the end who screwed me over. He’s been great all season, and then was hurt this week, and I was done.)

So here we are. Can the Colts possibly lose two in a row? Can we hope? Part of me hopes not, because there’s still the slim chance that the Bears could clinch homefield throughout the playoffs, but I’m kind of doubting it.

I’m not even going to talk about the Lions. They suck really really bad. In fact, this might be the worst it has ever been, and I’m really glad to see the fans’ uprising, because things aren’t going to change otherwise. Enough said. All you Lions fans out there, just join us Bears fans. Plenty of room for ya, just hop on.

Now on to the Bears. If you saw before, I made a Rex Grossman journal of the events of the game after he came in. I was a little nervous at first, but when I saw that our offense actually had some life, I was at ease. Even when he threw the interception, I knew that our offense was still feeling good. You could just see it. They were alive all of the sudden, and that’s exactly what we need right now. So even though I was a little uneasy about the decision, it really was the best decision (Way to go, Lovie!! How can you not like a guy named Lovie?). And the thing is, if we even have a mediocre offense to go with that defense, we are a legitimate threat.

Look out. Thanks to this guy, the Bears might have an offense.

I don’t know if Rex is the answer, but he sure seems to be the best option right now. And give him credit. The guy worked his ass off to make it back after three different injuries, when he could have probably called it quits. I really like Orton, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not saying we should cut him or anything, but Grossman is our best option right now, and there is no longer doubt about that. All the concerns about ruining the team chemistry by putting him in are obviously gone if you saw how the offense woke up. Should be an easy road to clinch the North (actually became a little more difficult then I thought it would be weeks ago), but we’ll see this coming game in Green Bay if our offense is really alive.

Go Bears!!

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