Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Sixteen)

Look out, the Bears have a quarterback. As if that wasn’t enough of a Christmas present for me, the Bears also locked up the NFC North, and the first round bye. Wow, who would have thought? Remember when I said this? My, have the Bears come a long way since then.

Well, it looks like Pittsburgh is probably going to seal up the AFC wildcard, unless the Lions somehow spoil their playoff hopes. Hahahahahahahaaaaa. Oh that was a good one. Yeah, Pittsburgh’s got the wild card. San Diego has my vote for most underachieving and best team that won’t make playoff awards. The NFC wildcard is less clear, and even though I don’t want to see Washington get it, I think they’re going to, since they only need to beat Philly.

Also, Joe Theisman is the most annoying announcer ever. He’s definitely the most annoying NFL announcer, and I think he’s making a push on Dick Vitale and Bill Walton for most annoying across the board. We as a people need to just lock the three of them in a room in a basement somewhere. I actually heard Theisman not only say that Haslett should be coach of the year, but he said during the Minnesota/Baltimore game “[Brad Johnson] never does too much. He is just so good at throwing the ball out there, and letting the running back go get it.”

And I ended up winning the battle for 3rd place in my fantasy league, so I ended third. Considering I lost Deuce McAllister, and had off and on injury problems all year with Dominick Davis and Chris Brown, I think I did alright.

So I don’t have many thoughts for this week, since it kind of speaks for itself, and the only real thing we’re waiting for is seeing if Washington wins next week to seal the wildcard. So quick Lions thought. First off, I love the fact that Roy Williams got the first down right at the end of the game before the game winning field goal, and he was at least 6 yards past the first down, but according to the special teams coach after the game, they “weren’t sure if they got the first down.” There was no one near that first down that could have been able to tell? So instead of running up to spike the ball, they quick run out and barely get a field goal off in time. Only the Lions. Harrington after the game said “Yeah, we really came together to get this win.” Umm, yeah. You beat the Saints. Barely. My brother in law was officially dubbed a Bears fan over Christmas (not that he’s leaving the Lions, he’s just trying to be excited about watching football), and I think (at least for this season) he’s going to be a lot happier. This offseason should be very telling for the Lions. It’s time to clean house, and they might lose a lot of fans if they don’t do it right.

Now onto the 2nd seed NFC North Division Champion. Well the division itself turned out to be a lot better than I first thought. I think the Vikings little win streak was not that strong anyway, but they’ll still end at least 500. Packers and Lions on the other hand. But now that the Bears may actually have an offense, we could be real dangerous. All of the sudden we have receivers that are getting open, and Thomas Jones is only 27 yards short of 1300, which would make him the second running back for the Bears to get 1300 in a season (you know the other). Rex has really woken up the offense, and this guy can throw. He was placing the football where only his receiver could get it, and I think Muhsin may have been surprised by a couple of those, which is why he dropped them. It’s been inspiring to watch (for any of you Indy fans or KC fans, you probably will not be able to relate whatsoever). Rex better not be getting my emotions up just to get hurt in like two games. Oh! Don’t even think it, you’ll jinx it.

I’d like to see him play the whole game against the Vikings, even though it’s meaningless, just to keep that offense gelling (like Magellan. that was bad). They can bench Thomas Jones after he gets 27 yards, and then throw Peterson in there, but I would like to see Rex and the receivers play the whole game. We’ll see what Lovie does (coach of the year?). I’ll try to do a big wrap up next week, but that’s all the thoughts I have for this week.

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