Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Thirteen)

Well the playoff picture is starting to shape up, and who’d of thought I’d still be talking about the Bears in that picture at this time? I sure didn’t. I mean the ESPN power poll did preseason rank them dead last (just needed to throw that in again).

Well poor Houston (to quote Chris Berman) once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. However, that didn’t stop Dominick Davis from having his biggest game of the season yet, helping my fantasy team to power into the playoffs with the third seed, as I’m sure you all care. I’m a little concerned, though, that Chris Brown is not going to be giving me many points over these last couple weeks, and that could hurt me (especially since the Stephen Davis train has broke down, although I did use him for all he was worth, but I have feeling he won’t be breaking 5 points for the rest of the season). But we’ll see. I am probably one of the strongest teams if not the strongest team going into the playoffs, so we’ll just see how it goes.

I think Indy’s gonna do it. They’re going undefeated for real. However, these next few weeks will be very entertaining in that storyline, because if they do end up 15-0, wow. Jacksonville, San Diego, Seattle. Those are three very tough games, and if they emerge from that, just give them the Lombardi trophy already (unless the Bears somehow make the superbowl opposite them).

So since we’re close, to do something different, I’m going to give you my playoff predictions:

No Brainers:
Indy (really, Morgan, didn’t they already clinch?)
Denver (although they only have a one game lead on KC and San Diego)
Seattle (they’ve clinched too)
Chicago (they’ve got the NFC North no problem, even with no offense)

No Brainers – They’re Toast
NY Jets
Oakland (to Moss – HAHA!)
Philadelphia (wow did they get spanked out of the playoff race last night or what?)
Green Bay (poor Favre)
Detroit (fire Millen)
New Orleans
St. Louis (who would have thought)
San Francisco

So here’s my thoughts on the remaining teams:

Miami – I haven’t ruled them out yet, because the AFC East is pretty darn weak and it seems like you just never know what you’re going to get with this team. 220+ yards for Chambers?! That was crazy. I want to rule them out entirely, but if they can somehow beat San Diego next week, they might be that “came out of nowhere at the last second” team

Pittsburgh – This coming week against the Bears is easily their biggest game of the year, which scares me as a Bears fan. They are going to have to go for broke, otherwise they will have lost 4 straight, and you might as well stick a fork in them (especially with KC and San Diego hunting for the wild card as well).

Jacksonville – This really is a good team, but without Leftwich, you’ve got to wonder how long they can go.

San Diego – This team still scares me more than any other. I don’t know what it is, but don’t be surprised if they snatch the AFC West from Denver (though Denver should still make the playoffs either way)

Kansas City – Larry Johnson is amazing, but I’m not sure if Trent Green can get them into the playoffs, however they may just take the wildcard yet, especially considering how unbeatable they are at home in December

NY Giants – This team is so inconsistent, but so dangerous, they should make the playoffs, but inexperience with Eli may get the better of him (however, the only other superbowl I really want to see other than Bears vs. Anybody, is Eli vs. Peyton. There’s still hope).

Dallas – I am just not sure about this team. They’re defense is terrific, but Bledsoe?

Washington – Not a chance, they’re basically done now in my opinion.

Minnesota – I’m also pretty sure they’re done too, but I’m hoping that the Bears may have a chance to knock them out of the playoffs on the last week.

Tampa Bay – Chris Simms might turn into a good QB later, but not now.

New England – Have been so up and down this year, but will probably take the AFC East. They’re also the dumbest team ever (there Tim, we’re even). Actually, I’m just kidding, I always root for the Pats, and you’ve got to wonder what they can do in the playoffs.

Atlanta – I have never been a big Vick-believer, and even though he is the most entertaining player to watch, I just can’t tell if this team is really cut out to go very far. But that won’t stop Vick from being on about a thousand commercials.

So there’s my thoughts. Whew, lots of them. So real quick on the Lions and Bears:

Lions – Fire Millen (just like the guy with the sign who got tackled by security said)

Bears – Wow that offense was horrid. I’ve been supporting Orton, and I keep saying “Why would we want to put in Grossman?” However, I think we need to now. Orton is just going downhill, and I don’t blame him, as he’s done all he can, and he will be a good quarterback someday, but it’s just not happening now, and we’ve got something going this year, and I don’t want to waste it. So we’ll see what happens, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Grossman go in there, and if he gets injured again, woop-dee-doo we can just go back to Orton. But something needs to be done with this offense, or we are going nowhere in the playoffs, and wasting one of the best defenses possibly ever. That would be a real waste. We’ll see what happens this week, though, as Pittsburgh’s claws are going to be out.

So there it is. Last few weeks. Here we go.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Week Thirteen)”

  1. So you completely leave off the Pats as payback for my not liking Harry Potter eh?
    I don’t think the Dolphins have any chance to catch the patriots. They only have one game against them left and it’s in NE on the last week of the season. They need to win the rest of their games to go 9-7 and then they’d only hope to be able to tie New England if the pats completely choke 2 games away against soft competition. The tie-breakers would still go NE’s way I think based on current division and conference records (they would end up splitting against each other if Miami wins out. So the Pats are a lock for me to win the east.

    Indy, Cincy, Jacksonville, and Denver are also playoff locks at this point. Jacksonville’s backup QB is not a scrub and their defense is still healthy and dangerous. That combined with their cakewalk schedule (besides the indy game) means the jags are locked into the 5th seed (top wild card team) probably finishing 12-4…11-5 at the worst. Denver only has 1 real tough game left at san diego last week of the season, so they should be 12-4 at worst.

    This leaves 1 playoff spot open for san diego, kansas city, and pittsburgh to fight over. I think san diego has the best team of the three, but they lose a tie-breaker to pittsburgh from a head-to-head loss, and both them and kansas city have brutal schedules the rest of the way out. Pittsburgh has the easiest schedule of the three, but Ben’s thumb is hurting him. All of the Steelers remaining games are winnable for them, but all are loseable also. 11-5 takes the last spot for sure, 10-6 and you’re talking tie-breakers.

    The NFC is wide open…I think Seattle, Chicago, and Carolina are locks and the other 3 spots are wide open. I have a bad feeling that the NFC champion is going to get absoultely wrecked in the Super Bowl.

    On the Bears…you can’t bench Orton when he has an 8 game winning streak, but at the same time, the offense needs to come up with something new if the Bears have any chance to advance far in the playoffs. I heard some unbelievable stats this morning on ESPN radio. In the last 50+ playoff games, only 4 winning teams scored 20 points or less. The average points scored from the winning team in thise games is 29. The Bears have only scored over 20 points twice this season, and their season avg. is 16.8, so even with their stellar defence, the bears need to somehow find a way to score around 24 points a game if they want to keep advancing in the playoffs. That’s an 8 point jump in production…not easy to do. The last defensive sided team to win the superbowl was the 2000 ravens, and they scored over 20 points 8 times in the regular season and 3 out of 4 times in the playoffs on their way to the superbowl win. They’re offense was ranked just below the middle of the nfl that season. The ’02 Buccaneers, another defensive oriented super bowl team, also had 8 games in the regular season with over 20 points, and all 3 playoff games over 25.

    What’s the point? Going to Grossman might be necessary if the Bears seriously want to challange for the Super Bowl this year. It doesn’t quite seem fair to Orton, but it might be necessary.

  2. On your Bears Thoughts – absolutely. Completely agree. We are at a conundrum right now with not wanting to bench Orton because he’s winning, but something has to change for us to keep going in the playoffs.

    And I completely forgot both the Pats, the Panthers, and the Falcons! What’s wrong with me? I’m going to add those real quick. Sheesh.

    By the way, quick side note, I was just going to email you with the subject “For the Love of God No!” – Look at this

  3. You know what, now that I think about it, didn’t Saban say “wins and losses don’t matter, we are evaluating players”? Nevermind, Dolphins are done.

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