Being a Bears Fan

Well, disappointment is a feeling I know all too well. Who would have thought it would be our defense that would cost us the most important game of the year? If you would have told me that we would score 21 points before the game, I would have said “Done, we win.” Ugh. Oh well, I suppose I can do more productive things with my Sunday afternoons now until next year.

4 thoughts on “Being a Bears Fan”

  1. I was quite shocked that the defense played that poorly–and at home!! Well, it was a good season, and at least us Bears fans (having been officially “knighted” as one) have something to look forward to next year, as opposed to the Lions…

    PS Our section tried to start a “Fire Millen” chant unsuccessfully several times at the Joe on Saturday–but at least the Wings won!

  2. Maybe the games against the Steelers and Minnesota should have been seen as warning flags rather than just minor blemishes (and yes, I know they weren’t playing many regulars against Minnesota). They just couldn’t seem to cover things right in their pass defense. What was with so many cornerbacks just falling over while running today? That cost them two touchdowns.

  3. Oh yeah, and you also gotta wonder about the decision to not play Grossman in the last game of the regular season. He looked awfully rusty early on, and I can’t help but wonder whether he would have at least been a little more competent in the first half if he had gotten a little more comfortable by playing in at least part of that game. The way the Chicago media was hyping him, you’d think he was the second coming of John Elway, but I think they were forgetting that he’d still only played what, 8 or 9 games in his whole career? He was in a tough spot having been off for 3 weeks since he last played.

  4. Dave, that is true that the Bears at least do have something to look forward to, but the Lions could have a very interesting offseason, since they need a coach a GM and a whole new team. I can’t imagine that means anything will happen, but you never know.

    Andrew, stay tuned, I’m gonna do another Tuesday Morning QB and I have a few things to say about what you’re bringing up. (here’s a little preview – I agree with you)

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