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Free Time/Hardy Boys and the Case of the Missing Laundry

Well, I think I got everything updated and working now with WordPress 2.0, but let me know if you see something not working or something.

So, I also wanted to mention that I am immensely busy this month, so please forgive me if I don’t add much during the next few weeks.  I am currently in the play Disciples at Calvin College, which is eating up a whole lot of my time, as well as work and whatnot.  However, I do have a random thought and a random story for you.

So first of all the thought.  I had the last couple nights off from the play and on Wednesday night, I had no idea what to do with myself.  I sat and stared at my computer and when that was too much, I stared at the wall instead, and I kept thinking “Oh, I better do this before I have to go – oh, I don’t have to go anywhere.”  And that made me think, what do people do with free nights?  I suppose having a girlfriend would have been handy just so I could call them and say “Hey, let’s do something.”  Anytime I’m in a play, whenever it’s done or I have time off, I always think to myself “What do normal people do at night?”  And all of us who have been in plays have always had that moment where we’ve been in a play, and we have friends who are not involved in anything who constantly complain about not having time for the homework they have, then when you get done with the play you think “How can you complain about not having any time for homework?  What else do you do?”  I don’t really have a point bringing this up, just a thought.

And here’s my story, which I’m calling “The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Missing Laundry.”  So I was heading to bed the other night, when I noticed a big pile of laundry on my bed that I had failed to fold and put away (the worst part of the laundry process, especially the socks) when I had taken it out of the dryer earlier.  I then remembered that I still had a pretty big load still in the dryer, but I figured it was probably still wet.  So I went and re-ran the laundry, thinking it would probably need to be a little dryer anyway, thinking I would put it away the next day (great procrastination excuse).  I folded the laundry already on my bed, put it away and went to bed.

The next day, about midway through, I thought “Oh yeah, I need to put my laundry away.”  Imagine my chagrin when I opened the dryer and the laundry was gone.  GONE!  I thought “Maybe my rommate put it away for some reason,” so I checked his room, but nothing.  I looked all over the apartment.  Nothing.  I thought “It was just there last night.”

So I figured there were two possible scenarios:

1 – I slept walked and put away the laundry myself (in an apartment, not sure if it was my own)

2 – Someone came into my apartment (it was unlocked) and stole nothing but my laundry.

So all day long I wrestled with this mystery of the missing laundry, until I noticed that a pair of underwear that I know was in the load I believed to be in the dryer was in my dresser drawer.  This was the next morning, mind you.  I then thought “Did I actually look in the dryer last night to see if the load was in there?”  I soon came to the realization that I had not, and then I put together that I’m pretty sure I had the dryer going for an hour and a half with nothing in it.  Turned out the load of laundry was completely in my mind.  So the case of the Missing Laundry, much like the case of the Santa Clause and the case of the missing can of Turnip Greens, turned out to be delicious and jolly.  Okay maybe not, but it’s the best I got at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Free Time/Hardy Boys and the Case of the Missing Laundry”

  1. Random series of comments presented in paragraph form: Great story (about the laundry). Now I want to go see *Disciples*. I, too, have often thought a Significant Other of Convenience would come in handy. An actual significant other might be emotionally draining, but it would be fun to have somebody who had to come when you called.

  2. That Significant Other of Convenience idea would be excellent for people who spend multiple summers in a row attending many weddings of good friends and are sick of getting placed at awkward tables of random people at the receptions rather than the tables where the rest of their good friends are seated since the rest of their friends are all married or engaged by now and thus perfectly fill up round tables made for either 6 or 8 people sitting in pairs and thus not leaving a space for the single persons. A significant other of convenience would certainly help alleviate this problem of getting placed at the awkward table at these receptions. Not that any of this comes from person experience or anything . . .

  3. When I was single (and had a long distance SO, which is not really convenient), I got a second job. On my nights off, I vegged in front of the TV, both because I was anti-social and because, working two jobs, I was exhausted! I also alternated classes–either martial arts (my first couple of years out of college) or Stage Combat (my last year of being single). I’d get together one weekend afternoon with friends and play D&D.

    This doesn’t strike me as an answer to “what do normal people do.” This strikes me as an answer to “what do geeks do.” But I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. 😉

  4. Alls i’m saying, is… if you posted on non-sports-related topics more often, I would make comments on your website more often. But that’s cool. I’m glad you have this outlet. And thanks for your inspiring inspiration on my blog. I really do appreciate it and look forward to hearing your new stuff, dang it.

  5. Did you not notice the part of this post where I said that I was really busy this month? That’s why I haven’t posted anything other than sports stuff. But I’ll post some new stuff soon. I have a few things I’ve been wanting to put up, but just haven’t had a whole ton of time.

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