Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Season in Review and Playoff Preview)

Well this took me a lot longer to get out than I had intended. I’ve been a little busy recently, so it’s taken me a little while to do this.

So first things first, I know it’s killing all of you. Who won between Tim and I for our pre-season predictions. So this is the third season we’ve done this, and I believe Tim won two seasons ago, and I won last season. There are 36 total points, since we also predict wildcard. So here’s the final score:

Morgan – 11

Tim – 7

YEAH!!!! It was basically because of the NFC West, where Tim for some reason picked Arizona to do well (in his defense, there were a lot of NFL experts that did the same). However, even though I won, I think I had the two most embarassing picks. I picked New Orleans and Houston to both make the wildcard, and they will be picking one and two in the draft this year. Yikes.

So the season is over, and the Bears got the bye, and I am happy. Urlacher got defensive player of the year, and deservedly so, and the bears had 6 players make the pro bowl. That is all a prediction I would have never made.

I don’t have any clever awards or anything lined up (although Sports Guy at ESPN has some great fantasy awards). So I’ll just move on to my playoff prediction:


Tampa Bay

Winner: Washington

Although the winner I want is Tampa so that the Bears can play them in Soldier Field and mop the floor with them, but I just don’t see them slowing down Washington. Seattle, however, will slow down Washington.

NY Giants

Winner: Carolina

Though Carolina has been the most schizophrenic team this season, I still think they are just too strong for a shaky Giants team. Though I do like the Giants a lot (and would rather see them play the Bears), but I don’t see it coming together yet.


New England

Winner: New England

New England at Foxboro in January. Leftwich possibly returning to the starting lineup after having been out for a couple months. New England pretty much back to full health and playing well. Enough said.


Winner: Cincinatti

This is the hardest pick to make in my opinion, but since everyone seems to be going for Pittsburgh, and Cincinatti is at home and tougher than people think, I’m going with them. Plus because I just want to see them win so badly. They’ve been bad for far longer than the Bears, they deserve to at least win a playoff game.

So now I get to sit back and see who’s going to end up playing the Bears. Come on Tampa!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Season in Review and Playoff Preview)”

  1. Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Do you pick fruit, too?
    I agreed with you at first, and I think Cincinnati was ROBBED. But that just goes to show you. One should never lean too heavily on a superstar quarterback.

    Especially from the side. Especially on the knee from the side. Especially if you are an overweight lump of reject Steeler lineman.

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