The Tourney Begins

… and I couldn’t be more excited. I may have mentioned this last year, but it especially occurred to me last year that March Madness really is the greatest sporting event to watch. It really is. It has more action than 24 and more drama than any courtroom show out there, and so much pride and joy that it’s just incredible to watch. In regards to greatest sporting events ever, I rate March Madness first, and just behind that World Cup Soccer. But they’re both the same kind of thing where it’s a big competition with a lot of teams, craziness ensues, the joy of victory, the agony of defeat, and it’s just amazing to watch. I’ve got to try to go to a live game in both events one of these days. Go Illini! And when World Cup comes around, Go Argentina! Batistuta! Crespo!! (that joke was for you, Ryan)

Greatest March Madness Moment Ever: Need I even answer this. Even though I hated him, it’s the Laettner shot.

Greatest Moment I’ve Ever Witnessed: Illinois’ amazing comeback from down 15 with 4:00 left last year against Arizona. (I remember it clearly, because I was at Quinn & Tuite’s watching Craic Wisely)

And surely I’ll have lots more moments to come, as the greatness of this sporting event only really occurred to me the last couple years.

And since one of the most fun things about March Madness is filling out “your bracket”, I’m posting my bracket, along with Andrew (aka Vanilla Smooth) and Jonathan’s (Tim if you want in on this, send it my way!). Maybe I’ll figure out some sort of “prize” for whoever wins, but rest assured we will be pounding our chests and holding up our shirts for the pride of Morgan’s Blog. So here are our brackets for better or for worse (click thumbnails for full size images).

Morgan’s Bracket (Illini Rule! some of the time)

morgan's bracket

Jonathan’s Bracket (Craicin’ Good)

Jonathan's Bracket

Andrew’s Bracket (Vanilla Smooth)

Vanilla Smooth's Bracket

– Day 1 Update:
Morgan – 13
Jonathan – 12
Andrew – 12

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