Common Shiner

Common Shiner in Revue

Hey look at those sexy dudes in the April edition of Revue.

Common Shiner

3 thoughts on “Common Shiner in Revue”

  1. I can’t read so this Revue thing means nothing to me (a friend is typing this for me, I like the picture in the paper though). I saw these guys at Rocky’s and they were good. The drummer was really good because he could move his hands super fast and build up the amount you were pumped by drumming more and more pumped up as a song was building. The guitar guy was all playing these solos that made you feel pumped but not too many times, because you can get overpumped on guitar solos easy. The bass player was rock steady. He was the foundation that this amount of being pumped could be built off of. The singer guy with the funny guitar also made you feel pretty pumped. This is like a good mellow pumped, not like a mosh pit kind of pumped. And when he sang loud and high you would go, mmmmmmmy my my. They also have beer at Rocky’s and that helps you feel pumped. I love being pumped and having beer. Being pumped and having beer and listening to Common Shiner is even gooder. A triple whammy of pump.

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