The Draft

Well, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for the NFL Draft. And this is even a draft where the Bears are not going to do the slightest interesting thing, and I’m still excited. My tivo’s all setup to record the first two hours, and then probably from there I just want to hear who the Bears draft, and I’ll check in here and there to see where everyone else ended up. It’s going to be crazy. What if Matt Leinart drops down to 7 or even lower? What if Bush does not go 1? What on Earth will the Saints do if Bush is available at 2?

Oh man, it’s gonna be great. I’m still frustrated with the Bears, though. If you look at my offseason checklist, you’ll probably notice that the Bears have only really addressed one of those (I’m not counting Ricky Manning Jr. yet because I’m not sure how I feel about him and his Denny’s incident. But I might count him soon). We’ll see what we can address in the draft, but they (they being Bears front office) keep making this big stink about “We’re the only team returning all 22 starters.” Now while I do think that’s cool, we still need improvement. It’s not like those 22 are the perfect team so thank God we’re returning that powerhouse. We still have some things to improve on. We caught a break in the schedule last season, and I don’t want to see a repeat of the 02 season.

So I guess I’ll save the rest of my thoughts until after the draft, but I’m excited to see what happens.

And go Bulls by the way. That win was awesome last night, and I can think of nothing better than seeing Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, James Posey, Jason Williams, Alonzo Mourning, and Shaquille O’Neal all being eliminated from the playoffs at the exact same time. I only watched the first game of the series and I’m already sick to death of Toine face. (Tim, you know what I’m talking about)

Updates:4/28 8:30pm – Just heard that the Texans have officially reached an agreement with Mario Williams, making him the number one pick in the draft, meaning the Texans passed on Reggie Bush. Wow. Granted the Texans, in regards to just position voids to fill, need Mario Williams more than they need Reggie Bush, but does this have the feel of passing Carmelo and Wade to get Darko to anyone else? However, unlike the Pistons, the Texans will not be winning the Superbowl next year with Williams or Bush, so it’s a little different in that regard.
4/30 4:15pm – Well, the Bears did even less than I was anticipating. Instead of taking Mercedes Lewis, pretty darn good tight end out of UCLA, they traded down to get that oh so coveted 42nd pick, so that they could proceed to take five straight defensive players. Obviously when you look at how we did last year (2nd overall defense, 28th overall offense, I believe), clearly where we needed improvement was on defense. Instead of a possible solid Tight End, we get 5 mediocre defenders. We do need some better production from our corners, and having a backup plan for when Mike Brown goes down again would also be nice, but why the hell do we need to draft another DT and DE? Unless Angelo has some great trade lined up to give up Michael Haynes for Deion Branch or something like that, I am tremendously disappointed. I’m so sick of this management that is obsessed with getting a whole bunch of mediocre players, rewarding players jobs instead of making them earn it, and then repeatedly saying “well we really like our guys…” I really, really hope that I’ll be proven wrong.

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