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This is Beer

If you’ve been checking my blog for any length of time, you know my penchant for complaining about commercials (maybe I should start a new category). Well here’s another one.

Budweiser is currently running a radio ad that absolutely blows my mind. It’s just a song that plays, and I searched for the entire lyrics, but couldn’t find them. If I do, I’ll post them. Anyway, the lyrics are something along the lines of “we’re the nba, we’re the construction workers, we’re the …” Sort of a drunk consumerist version of Youth of the Nation by POD. And then it closes with a rousing chorus of “This is Budweiser! This is Budweiser! This is Budweiser! This is Beer!” Is anybody else speechless at how mind-blowingly stupid that is? I literally don’t know what else to say, I’m so confounded. This is STUPID, is what it is. There. I needed to get that off my chest.

7 thoughts on “This is Beer”

  1. I hate that entire campaign that Bud is running, particularly since Bud is poor-quality beer at best. (I drink it only in the summer) I much prefer the current Sam Adams TV spot that has old footage of Jim Koch letting a German guy try his beer, and the German guy then says “This is good beer.” Now THAT is truth in advertising.

  2. Some other lines I can think of from those ads (if I’m hearing them right):

    This is who I am, This is where I’m from.
    This is what I believe in when the day is done.
    This is what I like, this is what I do,
    This is what I call mine, this is true . . . **big volume build up, octave change on vocals**
    ohhh, this is Budweiser (this is beer)
    Budweiser (the king is here)
    This is Buuuuuudweiser, this is beer.

    we should cover it. ha

  3. It’s amazing how mind-numbingly pointless a lot of advertisement is. And we’re so used to hearing it that we gloss over the meaning and somehow understand what they’re saying. It’s only when you really pay attention that you notice how trite we’ll make ourselves sound in order to sell something.

  4. Yes it is a terrific song! infectious — SINGable already — “We’re the factory workers, we’re the wrecking crew, we’re the ________ (help me here) and we’re working for you — This is Budweiser! etc.” Just start singing that at a party and you’ll have three part harmony in an instant!

  5. It’s an awful song made sooooooooo much worse by how the singer takes himself WAAAAAAYYYYYY too seriously.
    Hey, Budweiser!!!
    You’re selling beer, not a cure for cancer.
    Calm the fuck down.

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