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Check this out. Just saw the review of my band’s new CD So Long… in the June issue of Revue. You can see it on the page here, but I’ll copy it here:

Common Shiner So Long …

So Long … is a great CD from Grand Rapids band Common Shiner (yes, named for the fish) — although at first you might think you’re listening to the Barenaked Ladies (not that that’s a bad thing). The pop-rock vocals and music mix well together. There’s no need to skip around, either; all the tracks are solid. “Bookstore Girl” boasts some clever lyrics. “Beautiful, Dangerous Blue” stands out with its vocals and excellent acoustic guitar. “Rachel’s Song” is another gem. It’s listed as the last track, but don’t pop out the CD when it’s finished. Wait about five minutes for a fun little surprise; it’s worth it. Get a copy of the CD at Common Shiner’s CD release party on Friday, June 23 at Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. – K. Wall


7 thoughts on “CD Review”

  1. Sweet! What a great bit of publicity. Now everyone can go out buy a bazillion copies.

  2. Extremely proud of you, and, as I told you earlier tonight, I finally feel reinforced in my eval of your talents; I’m not just a proud Dad who’s just bragging on his son. The music world is recognizing your talents as both performer and writer. The industry may catch on to you guys yet, and we’ll all the better for it. Keep the great stuff coming, Buddy. We all love ya!

  3. Coho Joe there is correct. Seeing this post today is weird because I was thinking back to when we were like 14 or 15 and watching him play guitar and thinking “holy moly, he’s really really good.” He’s gotta feel pretty proud that he passed that along. Now that you have a CD you need to play in Lansing because anywhere new you play is a sales opportunity.
    We need to figure out a side project sometime that requires little to no practicing. Maybe we can do some over the web recording or something.

  4. Congratulations! If I can’t make it out to the CD release party, is there anywhere else I will be able to purchase the CD?

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