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How’s the Weather at the End of Time?

Another new song. Probably some of the more interesting/strange lyrics I’ve written. So I figured I’d give it an interesting/strange title to go with it.

How’s the Weather at the End of Time?

The smell of spring
The dewy cling to my skin
The sense of change
Yet I end up here every year
Well, they say that you can smell your memories
I swear I could drink mine right now

My father’s laugh
My mother’s hands
I can almost feel it right now
What was once and what is left
Is all I have
I want to absorb what existed

Can I spend just a few more minutes
In this backyard of meaning?
In my sandbox of memories
I wonder what I’ve become

It’s time to come inside
You’re too big for the swings
I think we were too big for everything
But what exists beyond these limits?
What did it all mean?

A hopeful spring after the nuclear winter
Here we are the fallout
Stand back and watch it all end
But don’t worry, we had a good run
It wasn’t in vain
At least I don’t think so

It’s time to come inside now
Death’ll be here soon
And we’d hate to keep it waiting
You say why are we still here
I don’t really know
I think someone else wrote the ending

But I could stay here forever
In this eternal undefined
Beyond words of explanation
The cosmos in my eyes
Reflecting your stars when we align and I know
Your love is the universe
Your love is the universe
Love is the universe

It’s time to come inside
It’s time to come home

© 2006 Morgan Foster

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