Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I Was Just Asking

Do you ever smell the pants you’ve been wearing for three straight days, think “hmmm, borderline,” then put them back on and wear them for two more days?  Me neither, I was just asking.

2 thoughts on “Me Neither, I Was Just Asking”

  1. Oh crap this one time my old roomate wore his jeans for like 2 weeks and he was a sweaty guy sometimes and it got to the point where I walked into the apartment and was like “What the hell?” and got to his room and was like “What the HELL?” and I picked up his jeans because I thought, oh man, this looks like it, and they were like feta cheese had been smashed into them and then dipped in Death’s toilet.

  2. My suitemate my freshman year had a pair of sweaty butt smelling boxers hanging on their bathroom door for about 3 months once. One time I was taking a leak, and he opened the door right into me because he didn’t know I was in there, and the boxers bumped my neck and shoulder. ew

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