The D-Lee Effect

Well, we knew it would catch up to us at some point, but the Cubs are officially feeling the effect of losing Derrek Lee, and it already looks and feels like the season’s over.  So here’s my collection of current Cubs thoughts:

– Jacque Jones is a waste of time.  Why does he have a three year contract with us?  And how long before Pie is called up to take his place?  I can’t even express how tired I am of him walking slowly with a little smirk on his face when he hits it out, and then strikes out the following 4 plate appearances.

– What on earth is going on with A-Ram?

– Despite all of this, I still really like Cedeno and Murton.

– I’m still torn on Pierre.  I have a feeling he’s going downhill, which makes me glad that he only has a one year deal right now with us.

– When is Dusty’s love affair with Neifi Perez going to end?  I do not understand why Mabry (1B) and Walker (2B) have not been everyday starters.  Hairston and Perez have been a waste of time, and starting Hairston, Perez, and Bynum as your infield is not helping.

It is a depressing time to be a Cubs fan, and I don’t know the last time I saw the wheels come off a team this quickly.  If they can stay around .500 by the time Lee comes back (this is also, of course, assuming that Prior, Wood, and Miller are all back, healthy, and kicking ass too), we might be able to make a run, but I think even for that to be a possibility, we need to make a trade and soon.  How good is that Prior for Tejada deal that was rumored in the offseason looking now?  Imagine an infield of Ramirez(3B), Tejada(SS), Cedeno(2B), and Lee(1B).  As opposed to Bynum(3B), Perez(1B), Hairston(2B), and Walker(1B).  We need a trade real, real soon, or you may as well put the season in the books.  (of course, the plus side on that is that Dusty would probably be gone)  I’m starting to understand what it’s like to be a Reds fan.

5 thoughts on “The D-Lee Effect”

  1. It’ll take more then that to really get my hopes up. I know better than to get excited about Kerry Wood at this point.

  2. Would that be a fan of the currently-22-12 Reds? Or the 1990 World Champs? Or the Big Red Machine of the 70s?

    Face it: there’s NOTHING quite like being a Cubs fan. It’s time to ditch Dusty, drop the young arms he nuked, and build for 2007. I just can’t see where they could possibly compete in a REALLY tough NL Central this year… I dunno…

  3. Yeah, you’re right. My point was that if they don’t make a change very soon, then we may as well pack it up for this year and plan for next year.

    And yes, I was not referring to being a Reds fan this year, but a Reds fan of at least the past 15 years, where they start off with promise, and by the time April is done, the season is virtually over (Griffey is injured and Dunn’s struckout 75+ times. Lee and Jones being the Griffey and Dunn for the Cubs this year). Yes, but you are right that there is nothing quite like (or nothing quite as bad) as being a Cubs fan.

  4. I completely agree that Jacque Jones is a waste of time. I can throw farther than he can. I can also run the bases better than he can. I was at Wrigley to watch him get doubled off 2nd on a fly ball to left flippin’ field for the 3rd time in MAY. The Cubbies are killing me. I feel your pain. oh, and I agree. I still like Murton. 🙂

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