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The Naturals

New song I wrote this past week. Lyrically it’s probably the closest thing to a punk song (an ideal punk song, that is) that I’ll ever write.

The Naturals

Surrounded by all these empty eyes
What if all of them just came to life?
We’re all due for a change
The rise of all humanity
Could start with you and me
And then others would do the same

All the old ladies who all think they’re right
And all the young men who only wanted to fight
All the hypocrites and all of the lies
Are going down tonight
We shall break the silence
The icy mortar cracking
We shall fill our streets and lungs
With the strength we’ve so long been lacking

What are we fighting for?
Land and love, flesh and blood?
To prove ourselves right and nothing more
Now it’s time to turn the tide
With our weapons thrown away
Inside of all these rules we’ve made
We will never be satisfied

We’ve betrayed one another with holy kisses
Broken the truth and made law out of the pieces
Never thought that we would ever reach this
We’ll join in power and unison
Take to the streets with this common revolution
Never stopping until the hate is done
And we’ll sing

We shall flee rest
We shall flee sleep
We are the naturals
We are not the summation
Of some abstract ideals

Can you feel it now all around?
We are the change
There’s no danger now
Only time will tell if we were in vain

Maybe laying grace instead of landmines
We should’ve put poets on the frontlines
I think it’s time we rise
When we sing

We can take this

© 2006 Morgan Foster

4 thoughts on “The Naturals”

  1. This rocks, I haven’t even heard the music for it yet but I can only imagine. I seriously love the words. We’re going to find you a guitar during your west coast sabatical and your can introduce us to all the new stuff we’ve missed this year : )

  2. Mmmmm. Truly. It blows me away to think that something that I view being so perfect, so wonderfully beautiful complete and concrete, was at one time, well, new.

    I love it.

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