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Finally a New Post, Vancouver Day 12

Well, I’m finally updating. After posting almost daily while in Vancouver, it was weird to not have a chance to post all last week. I got back and my band had a CD Release party (you can buy this CD on if you’re interested) in downtown GR that took a lot of setting up and whatnot. So I had a very stressful last week, but everything went well all things considered. We also got another review, which I’ll post later.

So for the last day of the trip, there isn’t much to tell. Drove back, listened to early 90s hip hop with Ryan and Jacqui on the way, flew back, ate Giordano’s in Chicago (naturally) and got back home. However, on the way back, we did fly right over Mt. Reiner, and I got some pictures.

And here’s a couple other pictures from the last day.

There’s a place in northern Washington called Skagit.  We liked yelling that.  Skagit!!!

At the Seattle airport, this guy put his weiner dog in his bag.  Apparently that dog is also like the North American champion or something like that.

So that was it.  I’m sure you were all dying to hear about the last day.  More posts to come (not about Vancouver, but about everything else.  Maybe occasionally about Vancouver)

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