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So it’s 6/6/6 today, and though the world has not ended yet, I’ve still got my hopes up. For more info on the significance/insignificance of today, go here.

However, provided the world doesn’t end here in a few minutes, I’ve got some more exciting news. We got another great review, this one in the Grand Rapids magazine Recoil. It’s not online yet, so I’ll type it below:

Common Shiner
So Long…
Grand Rapids, MICH

GR’s legacy of rootsy pop-rock bands comes and goes like the seasons. This spring, look for the emergence of Common Shiner, a jammy five-piece taking the Festival Stage June 4 and releasing their debut CD, So Long… at a free Rosa Parks Circle show June 23. By the album’s second track, “Too Late,” O.A.R. fans will fill with jubilation – with over an hour of music yet to come. DMB fans should start grooving along a few songs later as vocalist/guitarist Morgan Foster’s voice sounds regularly reminiscent of Matthews’ lower register. Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Huisjen will bring in the rest of the jamheads with his busy lead guitar-work, leaving just enough room for Foster’s acoustic ballads to bring out the lighters. – Eric Mitts

Rock on!

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  1. I love your music and I can’t wait for the CD release. Congrats on all the awesome reviews!

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