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Too Many Metaphors

Newer song. I will confess it’s quasi-inspired by the Office Season 2 finale.

Too Many Metaphors

Longing to say the words that always felt so wrong from my lips
All the things that we could be, and all the reasons it can’t be this
But I can’t move, I may never walk again
Please don’t define it because then it will end

Time stands still when you ask me what I’m thinking
Because I know I can’t answer honestly

Because I’m trying to make you fall in love with me
I’m just trying to make you fall

I just can’t find the words to get me out of this
Though I know I might be lost the moment they pass my lips
There’s so many ways to describe how beautiful you look tonight
And there’s so many metaphors I got wrong trying to get it right

I know I’m running out of time, I just don’t want this moment to end
And then you look at me that way like you know just what I’m doing

I’m just trying to make you fall in love with me
I’m just trying to make you fall

© 2006 Morgan Foster

2 thoughts on “Too Many Metaphors”

  1. Ah, the number of poems I’ve written that were inspired by TV shows,,.. No shame in taking inspiration where it comes!

  2. Is it okay that I find this title awkward? 🙂 I’ve talked to Mike about this song a good 3-4 times and I keep calling it the “Try to make you fall in love with me Song” because I can never remember the *real* title.

    Definately a favorite of mine. Definately.

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