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Vancouver Trip – Day 10

Well now that there’s 5 people in the apartment, I was relegated to the air matress instead of the sofa. However, all five of us slept in until about 11, which was almost 10 hours of sleep for all of us. So there wasn’t much breakfast time, as it was basically already lunch when we got up. But before heading out for lunch, we did watch the US Italy soccer match, in which a totally dominant US team suffered two red cards, and still only managed to get a goal off of one of Italy’s own player mistakes. It was frustrating, but did nevertheless keep the US alive in the World Cup.

Regardless (or irregardless), we headed off for Japanese food (naturally) at a place called Kishu Sky, and all five of us ate sushi (and such) and chatted while it poured rain (which comes and goes quite frequently here).

So after coming up with dinner plans (meals are very important, as I’ve said), Ryan, Jacqui and I headed down to Granville Island

which is a very cool little shopping/market village that sits on a little island right in the middle of the city. There are tons of vendors and cute little stores and whatnot (none of which carry visors, as I’m sure you could have guessed by now). There was even a model trains museum, which made me think of my father. However it cost $7 dollars to get in, and the thought of my father wasn’t worth that much.

It was very fun and made me want to buy fresh fruit and cook and stuff more often (as any cool food or cooking shops tend to do).

Also, on the way to Granville Island, I got this shot.

which I thought was a pretty cool shot.  Vancouver is nicknamed the City of Glass, and if you’ve seen some of my pictures of downtown, you can probably see why.  There are tons and tons of huge condo towers downtown that are all just basically glass.  When I glance at them, I always think they’re abandoned buildings, because there’s so many various open windows, balconies, or shades drawn that it looks like there’s busted out windows and such.  In most other big cities that I’ve been to, a lot of the downtown buildings are very smooth or reflective, so you don’t really see the individual windows like here.  Just kind of interesting.
Later we all watched the Edmonton/Carolina game, in which Edmonton won 4-0 and we cheered like mad. It really makes me wish I were here for game 7 on Monday.

So after the game we headed to the beach and made brats and burgers. We also played frisbee (in which I got the frisbee stuck in a huge thornbush. I really suck at frisbee just for the record) and basketball (which I think we all equally sucked at).

What a horribly unflattering picture of me. Oh well, Jacqui took it.

I still can’t get over the fact that we were having a little picnic with that view. Wow. It’s real easy to fall in love with this place.

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