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Vancouver Trip – Day 11

My last full day in Vancouver. Even though this trip did go by pretty fast, I do feel like I’ve been here a while. It’s also been nice to be here long enough that we could have some chill out time, and not worry too much about trying to cram everything in in a certain amount of time (though we really did see, and eat, a lot). It’s also weird because even though I’m sad to be leaving (as I tend to get sentimental at the end of any trip that I take), I’m not as sad as I usually am, and I think that’s probably because Ryan and Jacqui are coming back to Michigan in like 2 weeks, so I’m not really saying goodbye to them. I would probably be a lot sadder if I knew it would be a while before I saw them again.

So I got to visit Ryan, Jacqui, Mike, and Rebecca’s church, which was fun, although I still feel weird to go to church and not play guitar (but I was invited to a songwriter’s circle that afternoon by the music pastor). So then we had lunch, wandered around, got coffee, the usual killing time kind of stuff.

Then we headed off for Bard on the Beach’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was our second Shakespeare play on this trip. However, this one was a truly unique and spectacular production that blew us all away. It was really a nice way to cap off the whole trip (though a trip to Tim Horton’s by R, J, and myself later was an even better cap. Although a woman did ask to “rearrange” Jacqui and my shakra or something like that while sitting in TH’s (it’s actually called “Reiki” I think). I don’t know what it was, but it was weird, and my shakra (shakras?) felt all out of whack). And since it was a magnificently clear day, I had to snap off a few more mountain photos.

I don’t think I’d ever get sick of that.

Well this has been a great trip and we’re actually going to be heading off to the airport in like 4 hours. Ryan and Jacqui are already asleep and I’m sitting here trying to reminisce about the whole trip, just to make sure that I’ve really taken it all in and can feel the proper closure. Just part of my little ritual I always feel the need to do. Maybe I should just go to sleep.

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  1. So did you use up all your available vacation? We’re trying to do a camping trip through Canada to Niagra Falls and back through the States hitting Cedar Point on the way back and we want, nay, need you to come with us. Call me when you get back!

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