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Vancouver Trip – Day 3

Well there isn’t much to say about Day 3 since it sort of all blended in with Day 2. I finished writing my play for 24 hour theatre, as I mentioned, and past it off to the director at about 7am. The strange part in the 24 hour theatre process for a writer is when you pass off the script, then leave to go sleep, basically, and return later that night to see the finished product performed. It’s always interesting to see how the actors and director pictured what you’d been picturing in your head the night before. I really lucked out in that the cast that was chosen for mine was perfect. Each actor fit their respective rolls perfectly.

So during the day, I basically just relaxed (Ryan and Jacqui were running around like crazy at the theatre). Went to the beach, read a book, got some thai food, watched some Eddie Izzard. I would have beach pictures here, but I’m having trouble getting them off my camera. But man, they were gorgeous. Like think of the best pictures you’ve ever seen, and then add a little more “best” and that’s what these were. But oh well, I’ll take some more for Day 4 (and we may be going to Victoria, BC, so I’m sure I’ll have tons of pictures from that trip).

So after hanging out for a while, I went back to the theatre, helped the now completely insane Ryan and Jacqui get all the last things setup, and then watched the plays performed. It was a lot of fun and there was a fantastic crowd, which always helped. The cast and director saw a few things in my script differently then I did, but the difference was subtle at best, and the performance was great. I’ll post the play itself shortly, so check it out if you’d like.

So after the play we did the typical “everyone goes out for drinks at a local bar” type of thing. Though the “local bar” in this case was called Ouisi’s (pronounced weezies) and was significantly nicer than any local bar back in GR (not that the Cottage doesn’t have its class). And I’d have to say I had a wonderful time just chatting with all these new people that I may or may not ever see again. Canadians are so friendly. So easily manipulated.

Just kidding by the way.

On to Day 4.

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