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Vancouver Trip – Day 4

Well sorry for the delay on this one. I didn’t have any internet access on Vancouver Island, which we headed to on Day 4 (Sunday June 11th, to be exact), so I wasn’t able to update until now. So I might be a little behind on the days.

So Sunday was Ryan and Jacqui’s 1 year anniversary, and my 4th anniversary of being their official third wheel.

I figured this would be a nice “anniversary” shot

I offered to go “get coffee” for a few hours if they wanted to be alone, but they declined. So instead we had Vietnamese food (which was AMAZING. Probably our best meal yet) and headed out to Vancouver Island (Victoria to be precise, which is where Jacqui is from). So to get there we have to take a Ferry (and we covered about every “fairy” joke in the book, so just add your own here), so needless to say I have a lot of pictures.

However, one thing that has been blowing my mind being here in Vancouver is that almost anywhere you are, the mountains are in view. It’s like this constant perspective keeper just sitting there. I look up, see them, and am awed by their size and beauty almost constantly. Here’s a couple pictures that I took just walking to the bus stops.

And here’s a picture of Mount Baker, which is actually in Washington, but we could see it from a distance on the bus ride to the ferry.

I’m just so not used to their being mountains all around, that I’m constantly blown away when I look up and see them there. They seem so big it’s like they can’t be real. So then we hopped on the ferry, which when I think of a “ferry” (insert another fairy joke here) I think of a pontoon like boat. But it was closer to a cruise ship.

The ferry actually snakes its way through several smaller islands called “The Gulf Islands” that are between the mainland and Vancouver Island. This is all geography that I knew nothing about, which is why I mention it. It was also close to sunset when the ferry took off from the mainland, so at that point, I was so in awe from the scenery that it was hard not to just walk around the deck of the ferry and stare. So here’s a bunch of pictures from that (remember, any images that are links can be enlarged).

The wind was blowing pretty hard there, so my shirt got puffed up a bit. I’m not really that huge.

I’d have to say that was a pretty sweet “First Pacfic Ocean Experience.”

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  1. Yep, that’s why I took Athania to Vancouver and Victoria for our honeymoon. For the fairy jokes. And the scenery. It’s no wonder the license plates say “Beautiful British Columbia”. I could so live there again – I’m glad you’re getting to see it all bro, I wish I was with you!

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