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Vancouver Trip – Day 6

Wandered around Victoria some more, although this time we were able to borrow Jacqui’s Mom’s car, so that made things tremendously easier. I’m so used to living in a driving town that my feet just aren’t used to walking that much (and I consequently got a huge blister on Day 5, which doesn’t make walking very enjoyable).

So we hit a couple more touristy spots. The first was Royal Roads University,

I did not take this picture.

which the rest of us will know as Professor X’s school for mutants. We had actually just watched X-Men 3 the night before, so it was kind of cool to then go stand in the place where they filmed part of it. I got to stand right where Hugh Jackman did in the very last shot of X III. I also thought, I wonder how much the beauty and history of this place has been lost because of idiots like me that only recognize it from the X-Men movies. And of course when we pulled up here, the batteries in my camera completely died, and I didn’t have any replacements.

So after leaving Royal Roads, I got some more batteries, and we headed to the Fisgard lighthouse, which we found out you have to pay $4 to go see, so I took some distant pictures instead (mainly for my mom and dad).

And then we headed off to Mount Doug (exotic name, I know), which is the easiest Mount to climb in the world. Basically you drive up it, and then hike the last 100 feet or so.

Those are my rockstar pictures.

We were apparently big on the “people looking out off the mountain” types of shots

We then wandered downtown for approximately 40 minutes (from where I emerged visor-less yet again), and also passed by one of the oldest Chinatowns in North America.

However, we were not able to stay, as we were off to meet up with Jacqui’s dad. So we had dinner, then went five pin bowling (which was fun, but I was terrible at), then went out for drinks. Good times.

On to day 7.

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