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Vancouver Trip – Day 7

Well I don’t know what happened, but Day 2 disappeared for some reason, and I don’t really feel like recreating it. I really have no idea what happened to it. So to sum up, on Day 2 we drove around for a while and had 24 hour theatre.

Well not too much to talk about from Day 7. We just basically slept in, watched Jacqui’s niece and nephew for a little bit, then headed back to the ferry. However, we did ride a double decker bus back to the ferry

which was a lot of fun. It kind of felt like a ride. So then we got back on the ferry (again, insert fairy joke here).

After getting back we just hung out and relaxed (considering all the things we did while on the island, this sounded really nice). Watched the Oilers win game five, which was awesome. Watched a few episodes of the Office. Ate some pizza. Played Settlers of Cataan. I guess the same sort of stuff we would have done in Michigan, but much more West Coast-y.

By the way, Vancouver has got to take the prize for most coffeeshops per square mile. Lewis Black has the funny bit about a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks, but that’s like standard fair here. I’ve seen up to three Starbucks on one block. And that’s just Starbucks, there’s also Seattle’s Best, Bean Around the World, and lots of others too, all on the same block. It’s like churches in Grand Rapids. I would imagine Seattle is probably just as bad if not worse. I like coffee so I don’t really mind.

On to Day 8!

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