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Vancouver Trip – Day 9

Well the usual sleeping in, reading, and lounging in the morning. Then we headed off to a place called Moderne Burger that I mentioned in day 8 (mainly because we tried to go there in Day 8, but were unsuccessful. It closes at 7:45pm for some reason. Weird).

So I’d heard a lot about this place, and even with my expectations high, damn was it good. It’s all home made, and you get an amazing amount of food (seriously it was like 3 lbs of fries), and it’s probably the best burger I’ve ever had.

They also have home made sodas, this one being an Orange Creme one. Also freaking good.

So then we wandered back and hung out around the apartment some more. I serenaded Ryan and Jacqui with my new songs that they wouldn’t have heard yet.

Then Mike and Rebecca (Jacqui’s Brother and Sister-in-law whose place we’ve been staying at) got home, so we chatted with them for a while. Then we headed off to dinner to a place called Banana Leaf which served Malaysian food.

That’s Ryan and Jacqui on the left, and a couple friends of theirs from Vancouver Chris and Emily, whom I’ve gotten to hang out with probably more than anybody else (except R & J obviously). It’s been fun to meet a lot of Ryan & Jacqui’s friends out here, and I would get a lot more of that later.

So I too had no idea what Malaysian food would be, but it was basically a mix of Indian and Thai food, and it was incredibly good. It was also some of the best service I’ve ever had in my life.

We then headed off to see a play at Pacific Theatre, Less Ado About Nothing, which was a cut down version of Much Ado About Nothing. Afterward we went out to an Irish Pub in downtown called The Irish Heather, where I got to meet and hang out with a whole lot of Ryan and Jacqui’s friends, several of which I’d already hung out with a few times. And since it’s an Irish pub and we were drinking and such, there were a lot of quality pictures taken.

That’s basically the whole spread, and that’s Rebecca with the demon eyes in the lower left.

Jacqui actually caught me making this face when I was making fun of “being candid” when someone takes a picture. Mike’s behind me, and I don’t know what he was doing.

I have no idea how Mike made that face, but I thought it was impressive.

The only normal looking picture of Mike and me.

Good times in Vancouver.

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