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Snip Snip, Sip Sip

I decided since I rant about advertising enough, I’d setup a whole separate category called that.

So my latest rant is on a billboard I’ve seen several times on my way to and from work.  It’s for Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin, and the ad is a stylized looking barbershop with someone sitting getting their haircut, a barber cutting their hair, and a couple people sitting around hanging out.  Underneath this image is the saying “Snip snip, sip sip.”

(pause for effect)

What!?  Is this suggesting that the barber is drinking alcohol in between scissor cuts?  Is that really a good idea?  Or is it suggesting that you should drink while getting your haircut?  Also, is that a very good idea?

Either way it’s confusing and stupid.

4 thoughts on “Snip Snip, Sip Sip”

  1. Hi, Morgan,

    Upscale hair salons often give their customers wine or beer. I think it’s kinda weird, too, but it does happen. I haven’t seen this ad, but just thought I’d lend my two cents.

    -megan k

  2. You know, I *have* been offered a drink at the salon before.


    Thought of you last night during my 10:00 p.m. ice cream run. As I was standing in front of the ice cream coolers at the Breton Village D&W, I discovered that they sell Hudsonville’s Blue Moon. I thought, “That would make Morgan happy.” And then I smiled.


  3. Ummmm, I think your missing why the billboard is so offensive. The billboard is stylized to mimic the ipod commericals–presenting shadow figues against a blue background. Except, the people in the billpoard and clearly intended to be African Americans–their hair being afros, etc. So, it perpetuates the 2 sterotypes that place people love to hang out at barbershops (witness the many movies) and drink hard alcohol (channeling the spirt of Billy Dee Williams).

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