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Well, I had my draft last Friday night.  I have so much fun at live drafts.  When else do I get together with friends and talk about nothing other than football for a full night.  Well, when have I done that since Tim left town?

So I had the 11 pick out of 12, which has benefits and drawbacks, and with the players that fell to me, I think overall I had some good benefits with that spot.  The first thing I thought was “Oh, maybe I can get Peyton” because I had told myself I wouldn’t take him any higher than the 11th pick.  But he went 9, so I didn’t get him, but I immediately got two running backs that have been above the 11 pick on everyone’s board.  So here’s what I got:

1 – Ronnie Brown (RB)
2 – LaMont Jordan (RB)
3 – Reggie Wayne (WR)
4 – Anotonio Gates (TE)
5 – TJ Houshmandzadeh (WR)
6 – Donavan McNabb (QB)
7 – Muhsin Muhammed (WR)
8 – Kevin Barlow (RB)
9 – Reggie Brown (WR)
10 – Jon Kitna (QB)
11 – Mark Clayton (WR)
12 – Vernon Davis (TE)
13 – Ron Dayne (RB)
14 – Kevin Curtis (WR)
15 – Atlana (T-DEF)
16 – Derrick Blaylock (RB)
17 – Josh Scobee (K)
18 – Billy Volek (QB)

So pretty strong I feel.  I’m pretty deep at WR, but I’m a little worried about my third RB.  When I took Antonio Gates (who I was thrilled fell to me), there really wasn’t anyone stronger than Kevin Barlow at the time, and I knew I could probably wait to get my third back, and I grabbed Barlow assuming he’ll be starting in NY, and someone will have to score touchdowns on that team.  I took Gates because the league I’m in requires that you start a TE every week, so I figured I may as well start the best one in the league.

I have another draft for my second league on 9/5 where I’m selecting 8th, and I’ll be lucky to get my first two picks to be even close to as good as my first two picks for this draft, but we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Team”

  1. I would like your draft picks a little more if your #5 pick had ended up with a few more syllables.

  2. I feel like pick 15 should tell me more than what state he is from.

    PS: ryan…that was damn funny.

  3. I saw Antonio Gates play basketball in high school for Detroit Central in the state finals one year, probably 1998 or so. He was a beast.

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