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San Francisco Trip – Day 1

Well the first day was slightly more eventful then I had planned on. I took off from GR (realizing that I had forgotten my phone charger, but luckily Ryan and Jacqui were close enough to come quick get me and take me back to my apartment. Ah, the luxuries of actually living close to the airport. Oh, and I was forced to throw my coffee away before the security checkpoint, as I wasn’t allowed liquids past that point. I’m hoping that I’m your first friend to go through that.) and flew over the lake (which I’m not sure if I’ve ever done before). So, naturally, since I love flying, I snapped off a couple pictures of the lake.

And one of downtown GR.

I also got my couple standard cloud shouts.

There was even one spot where I could see both sides of the lake. I thought that was so cool. The one thing I always love about flying is it makes the world seem so attainable.

But I wax scenic. I was also stuck next to a couple who were taking a baby on its first flight (I say it because I have no idea if it was a boy or a girl).

on the plane

Once I landed in Minneapolis (connecting to a flight to San Fran), things got a little interesting. I had a half hour time between flights, which I had going to Vancouver as well, but typically it was one or two gates over. This one was literally on the other side of the airport, which was 2, 4, maybe 300 miles away. So even though I and a few other people trying to make the same flight hopped on a little cart (which I’ve never done before, and couldn’t help but think “Out of the way! Cart People! Wave at the Cart People Timmy, they’re the best people in the world”), we didn’t have a prayer of catching that flight. However, we did arrive at the gate at the exact time the flight was supposed to take off. But they had already closed it up and told us they couldn’t let us on, despite the fact that the plane was still sitting at the gate. Yeah. Lame. The other people I was with did enough complaining for all of us, so I stayed quiet for the most part.

So we were put on standby for the next flight (which was full) to San Fran an hour later, and if we didn’t make that one, we would be put on the one 4 hours later (which was also full, so standby again), and if that didn’t work out, then we’d be out the next morning. And for this incredible panic stricken headache, I received a $35 off coupon. (and on the flight I ended up getting on, they didn’t even give you any food, but you could buy snacks for $3. So yeah, Northwest gets the finger big time)

So while I was on the cart, I figured I’d call my friend Beth who lives in Minneapolis (apparently just a few miles from the airport) just to let her know that I was in Minneapolis for 10 minutes. Then when I ended up delayed even more, I gave her a call again and asked if she would come hang out with me at the airport if I was delayed. We chatted for a while and caught up on each others’ lives (which we had not done in way too long). I ended up getting on the next flight that was just an hour later (albeit in a middle seat, rather than my cushy window seat I would have had on the other flight), and I gave her a call back. Her response was “Well shit.” I felt the same way. Even though I was quite a bit stressed out from the delayed flight, chatting with her and the thought of being able to hang out with her was great. Funny how a quick exchange like that can remind you of how much you miss someone. I should try to keep up with her more.

On my flight to San Fran, I sat next to a very nice quiet woman who snored amazingly loud for such a timid shy person. On my other side was an immensely jittery male who read a novel called “Asian Storm” and kept offering useless advice to everyone around.

So finally, one long uncomfortable snackless middle-seat flight later, I got to San Fran. I was first struck by how few attractive people there were at the airport (I was told there would be flocks of beautiful people). I was then struck by how freaking cold it was. It never even occurred to me to pack a coat, but lack of humidity can cause some pretty cool temperatures at night (so they say).

Took a van to my hotel

(sorry for the blurriness)

went to get some food (Carl’s Jr, star of the book Fast-Food Nation, as it was the only thing still open), was accosted by no less than 12 homeless people (not pictured), got a drink from the hotel bar ($10 for a Jameson and Coke. I’m in Cali alright) and went to bed.

Whew. I’d forgotten how exhausting traveling can be, but all things considered, so far so good.
On to Day 2!

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Trip – Day 1”

  1. When my brother landed in San Francisco, he saw Sean and Robin Wright Penn at the baggage claim over. But maybe your time for beautiful people will come on the way back.

    Try to see the seals. That’s my advice for “things to do in San Fran.”

    I mourn the lost liquid with you. Stupid terrorists–dehydrating law-abiding travelers everywhere.

  2. The Minneapolis Airport is a *huge* pain when you’re trying to get from one gate to another. I don’t think they’d heard of people movers when they built it. It has to be my least favorite airport for connecting flights.

    I hope that the air industry will get back to a point where they can afford to actually treat their customers well. I miss the old days of Northwest where you’d get your snacks for free and if it was their fault you missed your flight, you’d get a $200 voucher that would basically guarantee you’d get your next flight free.

    Those were the days…

  3. The pictures of the lake michigan shoreline are awesome. Those would be little point sable (near) and bit point sable (far), right? I spent many a childhood summer in those parts going to Silver lake and hiking all over those spectacular dunes and going to ludington. Nice shots.

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