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Ugh, not you again

I had a dream last night about the first girl I ever fell in love with.  I’ve done this a few times now, and I always wake up with a foggy, ethereal air of contententment and happiness at our reunion.  Nothing sexual at all, just us reunited.  So I wake up content, and then immediately after that angry because that will never happen in this world, and I don’t want to want that to happen.  I can’t deny I wonder what ever happened to her, and I can’t deny I would love to see her again.  But I sometimes wonder if I ever really got over her.

4 thoughts on “Ugh, not you again”

  1. it happens to the best of us…. I’m still in touch with mine and it just makes it worse…. well, it makes waking up from good dreams into the harsh reality of his jerkiness much worse….

  2. I was thinking of commenting on this but then I wondered who reads your blog and I didn’t want someone we know from SH reading anything I posted in a negative ‘what a jerk’ light. Now I’ve just realized that you have put the original out there in full naked view of all the intarweb, and makes my concern seem silly. Still I’m not going to post anything directly related. Instead I’ll quote one of those “Hot Chick” birthday cards. You see the front of the card and it has this picture of “oooh la la I’m a hot chick” on it. Then the inside reads “There’s still someone, somewhere, who’s tired of putting up with her shit”

  3. I can relate to the having dreams you wish you didn’t thing. The past couple nights have been rough for me there. While I am glad that the things I dream are not real when I awake, they are still thoughts I would rather not have to deal with anymore than real life already demands.

  4. My first love and his wife just had their first kid. Talk about cementing THAT relationship! Not to mention…hi Nick!

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