NFL First Guessing – Week 1

Well, I got about half way through typing this up, and my browser crashed, so I’ll remember to save more often now.

So this is how I’m going to do my weekly NFL blog, let me know what you think. Or just call me an idiot.

Since we haven’t had any games yet, I don’t have a whole lot of thoughts before getting into the actual games this week, other than that I’m very excited that opening day is here. Just feels good doesn’t it? It does every year. The air gets crisper, the leaves start to change, the school year begins, all the TV Show seasons start. There’s always such a feeling of new-ness and change, way more so than on January 1st. I love the fall. Love it!!

So I’ll go through my Bears thoughts here before getting to the actual games for this week. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’re in the NFC North, I would feel a lot worse about the Bears. I’m still frustrated by the way the team awards jobs to players, rather than having them earn it, but I am glad to see that Benson is third on the depth chart to start the season and Jones is the starter. That tells me that maybe Lovie isn’t like the rest of the management. Let’s hope.

The offense will once again be the weakness (no big surprise there), but I do think we’re in a better position than we were last year. We still don’t have a tight end at all nor a #2 receiver really, and the front office did NOTHING to try to remedy that. Berrian is currently listed as the #2 receiver on the depth chart, but it was really just a battle of mediocrity that Berrian happened to win. I’m guessing that it’s too late now, so one of those guys is really going to have to emerge as a legit receiving threat, otherwise we’re in trouble. The lack of effort by the Bears management to get a WR or TE is just mind-boggling.

The defense, on the other hand, should be solid again. Once again we should have a great run defense, and Charles Tillman will once again be the weak link. If he can play to his 2004 form, he could be very solid, but if he’s the same as he was last year, we’re going to be searching for a #2 CB all season while getting burned downfield. Tommie Harris should be a monster all season.

Also, the return game should be very good this year too (or at least vastly improved). Rashied Davis and Devon Hester both looked fantastic in the preseason, and hopefully that will translate. Should be fun.

And last, but not least, let us pray that Rex Grossman really is the guy that the Bears think he is. I would love nothing more than to see that, but I am brimming with doubt.

So now that we’ve had a prayer for the Bears season, on to the games this week. (winning teams in bold)
Miami @ Pittsburgh

Two words for you. Charlie Batch. The Steelers should be back to form by next week when Ben’s back, but in the meantime, Miami needs to make a statement, and they have the talent to do that.

Philadelphia @ Houston

Easy enough, although I will have to predict Houston winning at some point this season. (Walli Lundy? This could be another long season for the Texans, and they’ll be praying that Reggie Bush breaks his leg in half)

Seattle @ Detroit

I’ve picked all away teams so far, but Detroit has a tough first few weeks, and they’re not beating a strong Seattle team, especially with how disorganized they’ve looked in the preseason. However, since I declared myself a Lions fan last year (just to double my disappointment), I will be rooting for them, though I still think they should have taken a WR in the first round this past draft. 🙂

Atlanta @ Carolina

Easy enough. I can’t see Atlanta having a good season, but with Vick and co, you can never tell. (I think Vick is the most overrated player in the NFL. I’m so tired of seeing him on the cover of everything.)

NY Jets @ Tennessee

Wow, what a crappy first game. Ummm, Tennessee, why not?

Baltimore @ Tampa Bay

Well now I’ve switched to taking all home teams. Tampa could be the biggest surprise team this year. I picked them taking the NFC South over Carolina. There’s always one team that comes out of nowhere to be dominant every year (like the Bears last year). Even though it’s not entirely out of nowhere (they did make the playoffs last year), I’m picking Tampa to be that team this year.

Denver @ St. Louis

No real thoughts on this one, other than St. Louis could really suck this year in my opinion.

Buffalo @ New England

New England clearly wins this game, but all kinds of people have them in the super bowl or the AFC championship, and I have to be honest, with the Deion Branch stuff, I really don’t see how they can do it. Who’s on their team? Dillon, Maroney? Other than Brady, is there a weapon on their whole team? They even lost Vinaterei. I know that Belichick is the best coach ever, but I just don’t see how it can happen this year.  But New England’s sort of like the NFL Braves, so who knows.

Cincinnati @ Kansas City

This should be a great game to watch, and it really could fall either way, but Cincinnati has looked so good, they’ll have all the cannons firing.

Dallas @ Jacksonville

Well Mike Greenberg picked Dallas to win it all this year, so I should immediately not pick them to win week 1, but they should come out pretty strong.  This one could also go either way (I suppose any game could if you really think about it).

Chicago @ Green Bay

I got kind of nervous after game 3 of the preseason, when the Bears looked horrible, and I thought “Oh my God, what if we go into Green Bay in week 1 and get killed?”  Then I saw Green Bay play and I thought “whew.”

San Francisco @ Arizona

Is this Arizona’s year?  I really don’t know.

Indianapolis @ NY Giants

Peyton vs. Eli right off the bat.  That’s awesome, and it’s a tough game to call, but I’ll go for the underdog right off the bat.  Why not?

Minnesota @ Washington

Minnesota is going to stink this year.  Just my prediction (and of course my undying hope).

San Diego @ Oakland

San Diego was the scariest team to not make the playoffs last year in my opinion, and they didn’t do a ton to change the team this year, other than get rid of Brees, and put in entirely unproven Rivers.  So it’s really up in the air for this year.  Oakland, however, we can bank on them sucking, especially when Aaron Brooks is at the helm.  Yikes.

Alright, so there’s my picks for week one.  I’ll make sure to keep track of my record throughout the season, and see just how badly I do.

Football!!  I’m ready.

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  1. Ha. Yeah, so I was wrong on that one. However, the defense is what really put it away. Miami still looked in control there late, but the Pittsburgh D is just too good.

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